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Monday, 8 August 2011

Precautions against magic

Precautions against magic

  • Standup 2 hours before sunrise. These hours are called brahma muhurtha and are most powerfull to destroy all forms of negativity.
  • Practise yoga or any other sports early in the morning to stretch your meridians in your body. Siddhi will arise. Do this for at leat 5 till 15 minutes.
  • Do not use parfumes in the night when you are not in house. Spirits might come to you.
  • Do not give parfumes or any gift with a strong smell (strong smelling flowers, soap,incense etc) to some-one ,the relationship will break up.
  • Do not give sharp tools, or anything sharp or weapons to some-one.You will land in a fight later.
  • Do not use any chemicals in your house and on your body and in your body
  • Always eat fresh food, fruits and vegetables
  • Do not use fluor, it is very bad for your state of mind.
  • Do not use artificial sugar, those who are not vata dosha might replace sugar trough honey. Vata dosha must use sugar. Brown sugar is not bad, instead white sugar is bad.
  • Use a bit seasalt and rocksalt, salt absorbs negativity from your body and water flushes this negativity out.
  • Always  arrange your house according vastu shastra, have a candle or a dia lit in the south east corner of your house to attrack love, wealth and happines..
  • You should have at home if possible: birds, a dog, rabbits, white pidgeons, koi carps
  • Every one should have a bassilicum, it is a tulsi-plant,  in house and other herbal and lucky plants. Herbal plants attrack good things.
  • Only use pure natural insence and clean your house and office with francinsence and myrre regulary
  • Remove all clutter from your house.
  • Give away or sell  everything what you don"t need.
  • Never wear shoes inside your house
  • When ever you bring second hand articles like antique first clean it with salty water
  • Don"t buy furniture made of leather or wich contains dead animals. Never store meat in house.
  • Wear clean clothes daily. And wash your bedsheets regulary
  • You should have a healthy sexual relation. Sex out of love, protects against all forms of negativity. King Salomon had many wives and was loved by his wives, he was wise and very wealthy.
  • Only use as much as possible natural materials such as silk,cotton and wool, Silk protects against all forms of negativity. The wool of angora rabbits is most powerfull.
  • Feathers of birds are a strong repellend against magic

  • It is better to be vegetarian.
  • Those who eat meat should first salt the meat than lay it in water and than wash it and than roast or cook the meat. Roasting is better than cooking. If you cook meat,always outside your house.
  • Always wear gems so that your aura is stong and negative forces cannot enter your body and soul.
  • Arrange your house according vastu shastra
  • As much as possible open your windows in the morning and allow fresh air in your house. But keep the sunrays or the sun of the afternoon outside your house. The air of the afternoon is also bad.
  • Aways wear clean clothes and keep your house clean
  • Listen to mantra"s every day and you will feel much better
  • Avoid negativity and negative persons, avoid those persons who are always in problems
  • Do not use chemicals in or on your body, only use natural products
  • Avoid all negativity, only read and watch positive things
  • Surround yourself with good happy people
  • Do not use mobile phones too often, do not use mobile internet

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