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Monday, 29 August 2011

Plants associated with the Planets:

Plants associated with the Planets:
Food-stuffs-Rice, honey and aromatic herbs, as used for flavouring.

Flowers - Marigold, sunflower, peonies, etc.

Trees-The bay, walnut and palm.

Food-stuffs-Cabbage, melons, cucumbers, pumpkins, turnips, mushrooms, lettuce, watercress.
Flowers-Mostly night-growing varieties.

Trees-Traditionally, those which are mostly rich in sap, e.g. Maple and Sycamore.

Food-stuffs-Many seed-bearing plants; carrots, parsley, the majority of nuts.
Flowers-The wilder varieties.
Trees-Hazel, walnut, and other nut-bearing trees.

Food-stuffs-Gooseberry and other berries, wheat, and most of the spices.
Flowers-Daffodil, goldenrod, violet, rose, lily, etc.
Trees-Apple, pear, peach, fig, almond, ash, cypress and most of the vines.

Mars :
Food-stuffs-Practically all the "hot" foods, such as ginger, and peppers, and those of strong taste such as the onion, garlic, etc. Hops are also under Mars.
Flowers-The unusual and rather coarser bright flowers.
Trees-Holly, fir (?) and all thorn-bearing trees, or bushes.

Food-stuff-Vegetables such as sage, leeks; asparagus; rhubarb; mints; and fruits such as strawberries and the currants.
Flowers-The daisies and similar flowers.
Trees-Lime, birch, mulberry, ash, oak, birch.

Food-stuffs-Most vegetables, such as potatoes, etc.; parsnips, spinach and barley.
Flowers-Very few known to be associated, but the various bushes when in flower are thought to be so placed

Trees-Pine, yew, willow, elm.

URANUS and NEPTUNE are similar to Venus and the Moon, respectively.

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