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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Planetary Fragrance

achieve great benefits from its regular use
Aries: (21 March-20 April) - Signature Oil: Rosemary

Taurus: (21 April-21 May) - Signature Oil:  Rose

Gemini: (22 May- 22June) - Signature Oil: Basil

Cancer: (23 June-23 July) - Signature Oil: Blue Chamomile

Leo: (24 July-23 Aug) - Signature Oil: Jasmine

Virgo: (24 August-23 September) - Signature Oil: Lavender

Libra: (24 September-23 October) - Signature Oil: Geranium

Scorpio: (24 October- 22 November) - Signature Oil: Patchouli

Sagittarius: (23 November-22 December) - Signature Oil: Black Pepper

Capricorn: (23 December-19 January): - Signature Oil: Vetivert

Aquarius:  (20 January-19 February): - Signature Oil: Neroli

Pisces: (20 February-20 March) - Signature Oil: Melissa
Normally if you use these essential oils for oneself it will heighten the energy in your body as this is YOUR fragrance and oil.  Enjoy!

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