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Friday, 19 August 2011



The term "Nakshatra", when broken down into its constituent parts: "naks" meaning "sky" and "shatra" meaning "region", translate into "Sky Map". Another translation is arrived at using a different dissection: "naksha" is "map" and "tara" is "star" and so Nakshatra is "Star Map".
Nakshatra is the constellation. It stands for the power, mystery, beauty and symbolism of the stars, capturing the essence of nature's magical metamorphosis through billions of years.
The signs and Nakshatras create the necessary environment, while the planets are the precipitating forces. The Nakshatras and signs of the zodiac are the passive creative potency whereas the planets are the creative or generating forces. The planets are active causes whereas the signs and Nakshatras are the material layer of the action.
Nakshatra positions of planets are examined in the birth chart as well. The use of Nakshatra is very important in Vedic astrology, much more than with zodiac signs.
There are 27 Nakshatras. Every Nakshatra measures 13.20' (13 degrees and 20 minutes). In each Nakshatra there are 4 padas. Therefore, in 3 Nakshatras we have 12 padas. Because each pada represents a sign of the zodiac in a group of 3 Nakshatras we find the entire zodiac in the form of padasigns.
Sno. NakshatraPlantPart NameTherapeutic Use
1 Arwini Kutaki Root Meningitis High Fever
2 ArwiniRakhiphorl LeavesSparm
3Arwini Coffee Seeds, Leaves Migraine, Meningitis
4 Bharani Etanda OilRoot,Leaves, Seed Liver disorder
5 Bharani DhatakiFlower Vaginal discharge
6 Bharani GwarpathaFlower, Leaves Pulmonary Catarrh
7 BharaniIsabgole Full Plant Mucur reins
8 KrutikaHarsingar Leaves, Bael Malaria
9Krutika Chawal Seeds, LeavesPiler, Indigestion
10 Mrigasira Shunti Stem Indization, Flatulence
11 Mrigasira Pyaj Bulb, LeavesPain,Sciatica,Fever, Skin disease
12 MrigasiraKuchala Seed, FruitItching, Haemoptysis
13 AdraPipata Bark, Fruit, Leaf Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis
14 AdraTmbakoo Leaves Eosinophilea, Giddiness, injury
15 Punarvasu Himgu Latex Indigestion, Gastrihis
16Punarvasu KalmeghaRoot, Stem,Fruit, Leaves Liver disorder
17 PunarvasuArka Flower, Root, leaves Dropsy, worms
18 Pushya Babool Fruit, Bark, Leaf, Stem, GumDental disorder Pyorrhea
19Pushya Kutaja Seed, Bark Diarrhoea, Dysentry
20 Pushya Vijaysar Bark Diabetes
21 Pushya Hadjod Stem, LeavesDiarrhoea
22Aslesha SonphaSeed, Fruit Diarrhoea, Dysentry
23AsleshaTulsi Leaf, Root, Seed Cough
24 AsleshaKassni Root Dyspepria
25 Magha Shirisha Bark, Seed, Leaf, Flower Bronchial Asthama
26 Magha Rasna Seed Arthritis, Gout
27 Jyeshta/Aslesha Vidhara Leaves Cuteneous infections
28PurvaPhaguni Pudina Leaf, Stem Vomitting
29 PurvaPhaguni Satawari StemGeneral tonic
30PurvaPhaguni SebFruit Aneurysm, Cardiac
31 UttraPhaguniBel/Bilva Root, Bark,Leaf, Fruit Diarrhoea, Dysentry,Heart disease
32UttraPhaguni Neem Flower,Seed,Leaf,Bark Piles, Scabier, Bowels
Neem Piles, Scabier, Bowels
34 HastaDhaniya Seed, Root, Flower, StemFever,Typhoid
35 Hasta Loonuk Fruit, Leaves Fever, anxiety
36 ChitraVidanga Fruit Worm infestation
37 ChitraAshoka Bark, Seed, Flower Vaginal discharge
38 Chitra Ashwagandha Root Anxiety neurosis, mild hypertension
39 Chitra Kapikachhu Seed, Root Neurosis, worms
40 Chitra Beltari Leaves, Fruit Fever
41 Swati Kanta KarunjaSeed, Fruit, Root Malaria,Eczema
42Vishaka BharangiRoot Bronchial Asthma
43Vishaka HaridraStem Uraemia, Diabetes, Asthma, wounds
44Anuradha Parasika YavaniLeaf,Seed Pain in abdomen, cough, diarrhoea
45 Anuradha Afirn Latex,Seed Narcotic effect
46Jyestha Avla FruitPeptic ulcer,uterine ulcer,syndrome
47Jyestha Lodhra Root,Leaves, Fruit,BudVaginal discharge, Leucorrhoea
48Jyestha HarilikiFruit Constipation, Piles,Fistula
49Moola Bhringaraja Leaves Peptic ulcer
50Purvashada Bargad Bark, Leaves, Fruit, Stem Diabetes
51 Uttarashadha BakuchiSeed, Oil seed Leucoderma
52Rohini KantakariLeaf, Flower, Fruit, Seed, Bark, stem Cough, Bronchial Asthma
53 SravanaPunarnava Root, Seed, Leaves, Flower, Fruit, Stem Vedema
54 Sravana Apamarg Root, Seed, Leaves, Flower, Fruit, Stem Leprosy
55 Sravana Bishloomba Root, Leaves Gout, Rheumatism
56 SravanaAdusa Root, Leaves, Flower Cough
57 Ghanista Lahasuna Stem, Oil Indigestion, heart tonic
58Purvabhadraprad Sankhpushpi Root, Stem, Fruit, Flower Anxiety, Neurosis, mild hypertension
59UttaraBhadra Gokharu Root, Stem, Fruit, Flower, Leaf Urinary, tract infection, fever, asthritis
60 UttaraBhadra GogguluLatex Asthritis
61UttaraBhadraprad Karpoor Latex, RootSprain
62Revati Bahera BarkHeart tonic
63 Revati Guiduchi Stem Fever
64 Revati Chirboi Leaves, Bark Gout
65 RevatiBadi Sounf Root, FruitFlatulence, Abdominal disorder
Thus there is a great need to reform the disease management, strategy through the use of astrological principles and herbs associated with specific Nakshatras Planets to achieve the required goal of health and happiness in society.

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