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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

KaalSarp Yog

1st House – Always wear a silver square in your neck

2nd House – Always keep a pot made of mud, in the North West corner filled with water. Keep the corner also always clean. Change the water everyday & throw the old water at cross road.

3rd House – Donate jiggery, Wheat, and copper on your birth day

4th House – Everyday offer milk to running water

5th House – Keep a elephant’s picture/model in Ishaan Corner of the home

6th House – Every month on the fifth date, offer one Shree Phal to running water

7th House – fill milk in a pot made of mud & leave the same at deserted place.

8th House – Everyday morning, offer jiggery, roti, kale till to Black Cow.

9th House – Take 18 Nariyals & place them in 18 Shiv Temples, between the Sunrise & Sun Set.

10th House – Before leaving home, hold Kali Urad in right hand & after 7 rounds around your head throw (spreading wide) it on earth. Atleast on all important visits, you shall practice the same.

11th House – Clean house on Wednesday, take the dust & throw it on the nearest way. That day you must wear a toned cloth, either outside or inside.

12th House – On Amavasya, in a black cloth tie Kale Till, Jow (Barleys) dipped in milk, Nariyal with coal and offer them to a running water.

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