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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Guru Appeasement

Guru favours gold, turmeric, horses, books, sugar, ghee, yellow-coloured cloth, honey, Chrysanthemum, marigold and all yellow-coloured flowers. To appease this planet it is recommended to give away bengal gram in alms.

The yellow-coloured precious germ called pushyaraaga studded in the ring is capable of warding off the malefic effects of Guru. Guru showers all his blessings to the signs residing in the houses 2, 5, 9 & 11 especially to 5 & 9.

The Bejaakshara mantra of Guru runs thus:

Remedies for pleasing Brihaspati

Fasting on Thursdays and keep vow of silence. Avoid Salt and Banana in food.
Worshipping Lord Vishnu and chant Vishnu Sahasranama.
Wear Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Topaz.
Wearing 5 mukhi and eleven faced Rudraksha Beads.
Donate yellow cloths, gold, turmeric, yellow sweets, yellow gems, books, honey etc on Thursday morning to Brahmans and teachers.
Feeding crows and other bird’s banana and yellow colored sweets.
Chant the Mantras of Brihaspati starting from Thursday. Wear yellow cloths. Serving Teachers

Guru (Brihaspathi) Mantras - Bija, Gayatri and Navagraha

‘Om Brim Brihaspatye Namah’

‘Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Gurve Namah’

‘Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Brihasptaye Namah’

‘Om vrim Brihaspataye Namah’

‘Aum Hreem Kleem Hoom Brihaspataye Namah’

Gayatri Mantras of Guru / Brihaspathi

‘Aum Guru Devaya Vidmahe

Parabrahmane Dheemahi

Tanno Guruh Prachodayat’

‘Om Suraachaarya Vidmahe

Surasreshtaya dheemahi

Tanno Guruh prachodayat’

‘Vrusha Dhwajaaya Vidhmahe

Gruni Hasthaaya Dheemahi

Thanno Guruh Prachodayat’

Brihaspati (Guru) Navagraha Mantra

‘Devaanaam Cha Risheenaam Cha Gurum Kaanchana Sannibham

Buddhibhootam Trilokesham Tam Namaami Brihaspateem’

Meaning : I bow down to Brihaspathi who is the teacher of Gods ans sages, who is resplendent and lustrous like burnished gold and who is endowed with a lot of wisdom and who is the lord of the three worlds.

The mantras of Guru can be chanted using 108 Rudraksha Beads Rosary. For best effects start recitation on a Thursday during the bright half of the Moon. The Mantras should be chanted 1,25,000 times and Puja should be performed with yellow flowers. The presence of 'Ganesh yantra' at the place of recitation helps in achieving faster results.

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