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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

ग्रहों टेबल

Table for Planets
Planet Weekday People Birds Creatures Foods Plants Colors Cloth Metals
Soorya (Sun) Sunday Males, Father, Powerful People, King, Rulers, Physicians, Govt Officials Goose Tiger, Lion, Deer Wheat Huge strong trees, Red flowers Deep dark red Coarse or thick Copper
Monday Female, Mother, Agriculturalist, Horticulturalist, Caregivers-Nurse, Hoteliers, Food providers Partridge, Crane Antelope, Hare, Water creatures Rice Oily or sappy trees, Milky white New Bronze
Tuesday Armed people- Police, Army, Security, People who cut-Surgeons, Butchers; People who work with heat and metals-Engineer, Metallurgist; Foundry workers, Welders Rooster, Vulture, Birds of prey Monkey, Jackal, Ram Red lentils Thorny trees, Red flowers Bright red Variegated Copper
Budh (Mercury) Wednesday Educated persons, Students, Accountants, Astrologers, Artisans Parrot Cat Moong Fruitless trees, Green leaves Green Immaculate and clean Brass
Brihaspati (Jupiter) Thursday Wise and learned persons Swan, Pigeon Horse, Elephants Chanaa Fruit-bearing trees, Yellow flowers Yellow Average and ordinary Gold
Shukra (Venus) Friday Performers-Artists, Actors; Persons dealing in beauty, culture and pkeasure-Fashin designers, Decorators, Restaurants Peacock, Parrot Cow, Buffalo Beans Blossoming trees, White and very fragrant flowers Radiant white Strong, Durable, Decorated Silver
Shani (Saturn) Saturday Old people, People whodeal in old and dead things-Historians, Leather workers; People who deal with earth products-Miners, Drillers; Laborers; Isolated and odd people-Homeless etc Crow, Vulture, Cuckoo Elephant Seasame seeds; Urad Useless or ugly trees; Violets Black, Dark blue Old, Ragged, Torn Iron
Raahu Saturday Same as for Saturn Gull Snake, Camel, Ass, Wolf, Rhodents, Mosquitoes, Scorpios, Other poisonous or annoying insects Sesame seeds, Urad   Black, Dark blue Old, Ragged, Torn Lead
Ketu Tuesday, or Saturday Same as for Saturn Owl As for Raahu Red Lentils   Black, Dark blue Old, Ragged, Torn Lad, Earth

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