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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Instructions: 1. Non-vegeterian food (eggs/fish/meat/prawns etc.) and alcohol should not be taken for the effectiveness of the remedies. The remedies also expect good moral character which includes speaking the truth and not having any illicit relations with the opposite sex.

2. Do one remedy in one day, during day time only (unless specified otherwise).

3. Each remedy should be done at least 5 or 11 or 27 times (if not mentioned).

4. Although utmost care has been taken to select the remedies, the writer does not hold any responsibility for the consequences.


1. For 15 days continuously, donate unboiled milk to any temple and on the same day feed a dog with milk.
2. Drink water in a silver tumbler. Do not wear green or blue clothes.
3. Put a tilakam of turmeric on your forehead daily and float a handful of wheat and rice in a flowing river before travelling.
4. Donate a coconut (brown colour, containing water) in any temple daily for 43 continuous days.
5. Feed 10 blind persons with sweets (gulab jamuns).
6. Float an unpeeled dry coconut and a few dry almonds (with shell on them) in a flowing river.
7. Get your left nostril pierced with a silver-wire. Keep the silver-wire pierced in the nostril atleast for 5 days. Throw the wire in the river after removing it.
8. Keep a glassful of water near the head-side of your bed at bedtime. Next morning, pour that water onto a plant/tree. (43 days continuously)
9. Throw 100 handful of uncooked rice in a pond / lake.
10. Keep a monkey toy, made of clay in your house. Feed the monkeys with bananas.
11. Put turmeric tilak on your forehead daily.
12. Float an empty earthen pot, covered with an earthern lid in a river.
13. Put any flower in a nullah daily for 43 days continuously.
14. Float a copper vessel, filled with an whole green pulse (moong dal) in a flowing river. The vessel should be sealed with a copper lid.
15. Do not keep money in leather purse. Take proper care of your vehicle.
16. Perform Surya Yagna at home. Invite all blood-relatives. Offer water to Sun daily.
17. Clean your teeth with Alum powder. Do not keep any yantra/tabiz in the house/office.
18. Always cover your head with white cloth / cap when you go out in the sun.
19. Recite Saraswati mantra daily and take Sarwat arisht medicine regularly.
20. Feed street dogs with sweet loaves.
21. Give 17 pieces of green-coloured sweets to a widow.
22. Distribute laddoos in the temple on Thursdays. Do not eat garlic and onion on Thursdays.
23. Keep a peacock feather in your bedroom.
24. Sprinkle cow’s urine in your house for 43 days continuously.
25. Donate some yellow dal (horse gram) in temple for 16 days continuously.
26. Keep a square piece of silver with you.
27. Do not wear blue pants, underwears and socks. Donate raddish generously. Maintain good relations with In-laws / maternal relatives.
28. Wear a silver bracelet in the right hand. Worship Lord Hanuman.
29. Keep a container (made of tin metal) filled with Ganges water. Put a square Silver piece in it. Cover the container with a tin sheet with solder-joint.
30. Pour some unboiled milk at the roots of banayan tree.
31. Not to argue unnecessarily with the labourers, loaders and drivers. Give food to crows, cows and dogs.
32. Wear black underwears.
33. Keep some honey in a round silver container in your room.
34. Donate some quantity of sugar, yellow channa pulse (bengal gram), salt, pure ghee and flour in a temple on every Sankranti day. Bow your head in a temple regularly.
35. Do not cut your hair. Wear a white hair band.
36. Donate a blanket in a Ganesha temple.
37. Pour half a cup of unboiled milk at the roots of a mango tree, daily for 43 days continuously.
38. On any Friday, feed 100 healthy cows with green fodder.
39. Wear a gold hair clip.
40. Float 100 dry almonds with shell in a flowing river.

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