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Wednesday, 24 August 2011



Aromatherapy is the art/science of using natural scent for healing and cosmetic purposes. There is an ancient connection between aromatic plants and astrology. Wearing the fragrant plant oils ruled by your astrological sign may bring out the inner essence aromatically descriptive of your sign.

Aries – March 21- April 20
Passionate and hot blooded, Aries express themselves in a direct intense manner. Their scent is spicy and distinct. Yuzu, cinnamon, clove, etc. are included in this fiery elixir. Aries color is red. Their planet is Mars, ruler of energy. They are of the fire element.

Taurus – April 21-May 20
Sensual and loving bulls surround themselves with comfort and beauty. Taureans are sensitive to scent, and the blend for them uses the highest quality of green and floral notes. Essential oils of oakmoss, rose etc. are included in this warm mix. Taurus’ color is emerald green. Venus Goddess of beauty rules this sign. Their element is earth

Gemini -May 21-June 20
Gemini’s are versatile, fun loving and smart. The twins love change. They are charming, articulate and lively. The scent to express their personality is light, playful and fruity. It includes essential oils of bergamot, petitgrain, carnation etc. The twin’s color is yellow. Mercury the communicator rules this very mischievous sign. Their element is air.

Cancer-June 21- July 20
Changeable, emotional and psychic, the crab exudes sensitivity. The essential oils used to heighten these traits are mystical. Oils of vanilla, rose and geranium comprise part of this blend. Cancer’s color is silver. They are ruled by the rhythmic, transforming moon. Their element is water.

Leo -July 21- August 20
Dramatic, majestic and up beat, the lion is always noticed. The essential oil blend to represent Leo requires warmth and charisma. The sunny essential oils of lemon, tolu and ylang, are used in this royal elixir. This blend is heart-warming, cheery and rich. Leo is ruled by the sun. Their color is gold. They are of the fire element.

Virgo- August 21-September 20
At first glance Virgos seem precise. A look beyond the surface reveals their hidden, wild nature. They are drawn to scents with earthy, floral notes. Essential oils of bergamot, narcissus, geranium etc. encompass part of this stirring blend. Virgo’s color is dark green. They are ruled by the planet Mercury. Their element is earth.

Libra – September 21-October 20
Harmony, balance and refinement are Libran trademarks. Librans are attractive and charming. Their senses are awakened by fruity, floral scents. An artistic blend of citrus and flowers, such as pink grapefruit, rose geranium and ylang are included in their fragrance. Libra’s color is pink. Their ruling planet is Venus and the element is air.

Scorpio – October 21-November 20
Passionate, sexy and turbulent; the Scorpion weaves a hypnotic web. Oils that blend with the Scorpion’s exotic chemistry include: jasmine, cade and patchouli. Scorpio’s ruling planet is Pluto. Their colors are burgundy or black. They are of the water element.

Sagittarius – November 21- December 20
Easy-going, philosophical and visionary, Sag’s are popular, well-rounded people. The centaur is worldly, sophisticated and broad-minded. Essential oils that reflect their out-doorsy nature include: sandalwood, frankincense and oakmoss. Sag’s color is blue. Their ruling planet is lucky Jupiter. Their element is fire.

Capricorn – December 21- January 20
Classy, appropriate and ambitious, goats love to ascend the ladder of success. Their essential oil blend must be direct, earthy, and strong. This blend includes oils and absolutes of juniper, galbanum, pine and cypress. The planet Saturn rules Capricorn. Their colors are black and gray. Their element is air.

Aquarius – January 21- February 20
Independent, brilliant and individualistic, Aquarians are born alchemists. Their mix is unusual and uncompromisingly distinct. It includes oils such as coriander, lime and spikenard. The planet Uranus, instigator of change and surprise, rules Aquarius. Their color is electric blue. The element is air.

Pisces -February 21-March 20
Imaginative, sensitive and ethereal, mermaids and mermen have an otherworldly allure. A scent blend for Pisces enhances their mysterious ambiance. Oils and absolutes of olibanum, citrus and ambrette define this undersea elixir. Neptune, ruler of the sea, represents Pisces. Their colors are lavender and sea green. They are of the water element.

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