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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


However, please remember that there is far more to astrology than the Sun Sign alone. The placement of every planet will influence a person’s personality and temperament. Other important aspects of Astrology include the Moon Sign (how we feel and display our emotions) and the Ascendant, or Rising sign (the zodiac sign sitting on the horizon at the time of birth – need to know the time of birth to calculate this). The Ascendant can indicate the way we show ourselves to the world.
I have been researching Essential oils to promote the positive and balance the negative aspects of each of the signs, as part of my astrology education.

Ruled by Mars, fiery, energetic Aries is full of great ideas but not so great with the follow through! The warrior of the signs, Aries is gutsy, determined, competitive and challenging. However, they can be selfish, arrogant, insensitive, fool hardy and a bully. Aries need to learn to harness their will and determination, and direct their energies towards something constructive and creative.
Black Pepper – direction
German Chamomile – anger and frustration, promote sunny disposition
Ginger – stamina and procrastination
Lavender – release pent up energy
Lemon – alleviate fears of emotional involvement
Thyme – will power and strength
Ylang ylang – peace and tranquility

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is practical, earthy and dependable. They love food, beauty and material wealth. At their worst they can be stubborn, possessive, territorial and hedonistic. Taurus must learn to fully establish their identity and sense of value, and detach from identification with material possessions.
Clove – removes attachments
Eucalyptus – promotes flexibility, eases stagnation
Jasmine – fertile, affectionate
Pine – self worth
Rose – beauty and sensuality
Rosemary – build strong healthy ego
Vetiver – earthy and grounded

Ruled by Mercury, Geminis love to talk! Their minds work at a hundred miles an hour and they are bright, curious, witty and versatile. Sometimes they can be unreliable, scattered, contradictory, two faced or superficial. Gemini gathers information and ideas, and needs to teach others to remain open and fluid. They also need to learn to connect their heart and their mind.
Sweet Fennel – communicate freely and with confidence
Frankincense – grounding, ease mental chatter
Lemon – mental stimulant
Patchouli – unite head and heart
Petitgrain – access information required
Sandalwood – unite heart and mind, grounding

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is the mother energy of the zodiac. Caring, nurturing, protective, emotional and private, cancer loves the family and food! This can manifest as moody, clingy, smothering, manipulative and defensive. Cancer needs a safe and nurturing home base, and family support to experience a sense of belonging. They need to trust their intuition.
Clary Sage – mood swings, emotional confusion
Cypress – letting go, transitions
Lavender – nurturing
Melissa – clarity and security
Neroli – trust intuition
Petitgrain – clingy, possessive
Rose – love and nurturing
Ylang ylang - nurturing

The lion, ruled by the sun is glowing, flamboyant, colourful, regal, generous and entertaining. The dancers, the performers, the royalty! Can be vain, condescending, bossy and egocentric. Leos need to live life fully with passion and flair, while learning to diminish their ego, and follow a path of self knowledge.
German Chamomile – eases excessive ego - desire
Jasmine – passion
Nutmeg – passion
Orange - happiness
Patchouli – remove false ego, remain self assured
Peppermint – purpose
Rosemary – build healthy ego
Sandalwood - contemplation

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is concerned with health and work. Practical, meticulous, hard working and efficient, Virgos need to find a way to purify themselves on all levels, emotional , physical and spiritual. They need to be careful not to become critical, fussy, negative, uptight or stressed.
Bergamot – nervous indigestion, emotional stress
German Chamomile – stop critical thinking
Geranium – balance the workaholic
Grapefruit – emotional purifier
Lavender – oversensitivity and inhibition
Orange – remove seriousness – for the perfectionist
Tea Tree – chronic ill health
Vetiver – grounding for perfectionists

The scale of justice, Libra is ruled by Venus.  They are balancing, peaceful, fair, considerate and thoughtful, but can have a tendency to be indecisive, superficial, co-dependent and also tend to get easily lost! Libras develop the gift of fair and impartial judgement, and grow through relationships.
Clary Sage - indecision
Geranium – balance
Melissa – fear of confrontation and conflict
Neroli – choices
Rose – co dependence
Thyme – will power and strength

Mysterious Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and can be intense, magnetic, passionate, sexy, psychic and perceptive. On the negative side they can be vengeful, secretive, manipulative and obsessive. Scorpio needs to face the shadow side of human experience and transform negative energy into positive, on all levels of life.
Bergamot – release repressed emotions
Virginian Cedarwood – willpower, focus and persistence
Cypress – unearth fears that block change
Jasmine – passion
Mandarin – lighten up and enjoy life
Sweet Marjoram – stop obsessive thinking

Ruled by Jupiter, the archer is enthusiastic, optimistic, idealistic, intelligent and philosophical. Sagittarius is on a quest to seek out education and life experience through study and travel. They need to be careful of being opinionated, self-righteous, fanatical or excessive.
Grapefruit – optimism
Frankincense - wisdom
Lemongrass – expansion
Myrrh - inspiration
Orange – positivity, philosophical view
Petitgrain – access information you require

Saturn rules responsible, disciplined, practical, wise father figure Capricorn. Capricorn needs to become clear on who they are, what they are capable of and what can be achieved, through setting goals and committing to achieving them. There is a tendency to be inhibited, guilt ridden, punishing, tough and cold.
Basil – self expression
Cinnamon – warm cold and withdrawn emotions
Eucalyptus – remove restriction, release regrets
Juniper – overcome lifes obstacles
Lemon – overcome obstacles
Nutmeg – conquer challenges, find passion for life
Orange – encourage adaptability
Rosemary – build faith in own potential

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarians are just a little bit different. Unconventional, eccentric, visionary, revolutionary and rebellious, they are here to reform outdated social, religious, mental and political structures and create equality and freedom for individuals in society. There is a tendency towards being impractical, absentminded, crazy, impersonal and fanatical.
Clove – explore new possibilities
Eucalyptus – achieve freedom
Lemon – rationality
Lemongrass – expansion
Myrrh – inspiration
Patchouli – grounding, detached people
Rosemary - creativity

Two fish swimming in opposite directions is Pisces – able to see both sides of the story, or just plain lost?! Ruled by Neptune, they are sensitive, forgiving, adaptable, empathetic and romantic, but can be overwhelmed, confused, paranoid and deluded. They need to develop their artistic talents and learn creative ways to nourish themselves. Learn to trust in life.
German Chamomile – let go and trust
Sweet Fennel – removes feelings of overwhelm
Frankincense – protection, grounding
Peppermint – find purpose
Pine – self worth, stop rescuing others, create boundaries
Sandalwood – contemplation
Vetiver - grounding

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