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Friday, 22 July 2011

Zodiac baths

According to the astrology, human actions may be influenced and predicted depending upon the positions and relationships of the sun, moon, stars, and planets in the sky. Each of the twelve astrological signs has a companion herb plant you can use to create your own personal herbal bath to celebrate your birthday. You will feel refreshed, revived, and in touch with the sky above and the cycles of nature. You can also create a very personal gift to your friend by giving them a fresh bouquet or a jar of dried zodiac herbs.
  • Aquarius-------------- Mullein
  • Pisces ---------------- Rosehip
  • Aries ----------------- Rosemary
  • Taurus ---------------- Mint
  • Gemini ----------------Parsley
  • Cancer –-------------- Jasmine
  • Leo –------------------Chamomile
  • Virgo-----------------  Fennel
  • Libra---------------- –Yarrow
  • Scorpio --------------- Basil
  • Sagittarius -----------– Sage
  • Capricorn ------------ Comfrey
Add 1 cup of fresh herbs or ½ cup of dried herbs to the bathwater either by strewing the plants directly into the water or enclosing them in a mesh container. Wrapping the herbs in a piece of cheesecloth will ensure a cleaner tub after the bathing. When the tube is full and the herbs have steeped for about 5 minutes, bathe yourself in the warm herbal waters, and enjoy!
Source: Cox, J. Natural beauty from the garden.

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