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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

sure-shot remedies and upayas to appease Planet Saturn, Shanidev.

Some simple and sure-shot remedies and upayas to appease Planet Saturn, Shanidev.

1. Light Gingely/Mustard or Nalla Yennai/til oil(sesame) lamps in temple before Shani Dev on Saturday.
2. Distribute Curd Rice made at home to the poor and the devotees in Shani Mandir or temple on Saturdays
Black til and Black udad Dal in Til oil for Shani dev
3. Take some Black Til(Sesame), Black Udad Dal- Saboot(whole) in a container, put some til oil in it and pour it over the metal figurine of Shanidev which is normally placed in the temple to collect oil daan from people. Do this especially on a Saturday.
4. Tie some black Til in a coarse black cloth and burn it in Til(sesame) oil in a diya (earthern lamp) on a Saturday in a Shani Dev Temple.
5. Donate Chappals(leather), blankets and black blouse pieces to the poor on a Saturday.
6. Feed lepers and the handicapped on a Saturday.
7. Do not buy any metal or oil on  a Saturday
8. Read the  Shani Stuti after lighting a Til oil lamp under a Pipal tree on Saturdays. Below here is the Shani Stuti.
Konastha pingalobabhruh|

Souri, shanaischaro mandah|

Pippaladishu sansthitah||
9. Hanumanji or Anjeneyar Swami is a powerful tool against Shanidev. Any practice to keep Hanumanji happy will keep the bad effects of Sade sati at bay. Read the Hanuman Chalisa to please Hanumanji who is a powerful god protecting you from Shanidev.
10. Do Tail Pooja for Anjeneyar Swami/Hanumanji to please him to protect you against the ill-effects of the Shani Mahadasha or Sade Sati.
11. Another effective method of pleasing Shani dev is reading the Dashrath Krit Shani Stotram. Legend goes that when King Dashrath was affected by Shanidev, he read out praise phrases to Shani dev who was happy and granted his wishes. Read the Dashrath Krit Shani stotra on a Saturday.
12. Feed crows (the vahan or vehicle of Lord Shanidev) with cooked rice every day.
13. Wear one of the following gems only after consulting, energizing and following all rituals:

Blue Sapphire – On Saturn Finger duly energized

Iron Ring – On Saturn Finger

Black Zircon – On Saturn Finger

Kathela (for the not so rich people)

14. Offer prayers to Lord Shiva. Lord Saturn was a devotee of Lord Shiva. If possible visit Shiva Temple on Monday and offer Bel patra.

15. Take a black piece of cloth and tie 12 almonds and keep in iron pot. Now place this iron pot in the darkest corner of your house, where the least sunlight reaches.
16. Take 8 pieces of black cloth, in each cloth add black sesame, black udad daal, 1 rupee coin and tie the cloth. Now place each these bundles in 8 iron vessel. Buy 8 steel lamp and adorn it with Kumkum and Chandan, either between 6 – 7 in the morning or 6 – 7 in the evening. Light the lamp and recite 108 times (neelanjana.. ) and donate it along with the other items to 8 poor and needy people on a Saturday.
17. Do not be rude to your maids, servants, vendors, hawkers, cleaners, low grade workers. Pay their dues in time and win the love of Saturn.

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