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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Remedies mangal

  • Recite Hanuman chalisa is a very powerful remedy for mars.

  • Donate Red cloth to poor or temple priest on Tuesday’s.

  • Pray to lord Hanuman for 48 days will be very helpful.

  • Fasting on Tuesday’s is very good remedy to please mars planet.

  • Light Lamp on Tuesday’s in Durga Ma(Durga Devi) Temple.

  • Donate Masoor  Dal (Red Lentils) on Tuesday to poor or Temple priest.

  • Visit Lord Hanuman temple on Tuesday and offer sweets, Sindoor and light a ghee lamp.

  • Offer Red sandalwood in Hawan (Homa)

  • Distribute Jaggery (Raw Sugar) as Prasad on Tuesday’s.

  • Offer Red Oleander (Red Kanner) in Hawan (Homa)

  • Recite Kuja(Mangal)/(Mars) stotra 21 or 51 or 108 times.

  • Pray to Lord Kartikeyan (Lord Subramanya) Everday.

  • Recite 108 names of Mars (Kuja Astothara shatha Namavali)

  • Visit Lord Kartikeyan (Lord Subramanya) Temple on Tuesday’s and offer prayers.

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