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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Planets and Body Parts – Indicators of Organs and Disease

Planets and Body Parts – Indicators of Organs and Disease

Sun – Rules Bones
The position of the Sun is most important planet in estimating the physical vitality and vital forces of a person. It rules the soul of the body and mostly governs pitta constitution. The internal body is governed by the sign in which the sun is placed and this sign indicates which body parts are sensitive or subject to health complaints. The Sun also shows the recuperative power of the body. It rules the head, stomach, bones, heart, arteries, blood circulation, eyes, brain, throat and spleen. Diseases associated with the Sun include blood pressure issues, fever, cerebral disorders, eye disease and affliction to the throat, ear and nose. Consumption and dysentery are caused when he is in watery signs afflicted by malefic planets in unfavorable houses. The Sun is nearest to the earth in the winter and furthest from the earth in the Summer. In the month of July, when the sun is in Cancer and a greater distance from the Earth, the energy level is different than when the sun is close to the earth. Because of that, Cancer rising will have low vitality and want to be easy going, not really want to work hard. When the Sun is afflicted in Cancer or the rising sign is Cancer with malefic planets like Saturn, or malefic planets are in Cancer irrespective of the rising sign, there would be varying degrees of weakness in the stomach region and a predisposition toward indigestion, flatulence, dropsy, sclerosis, etc. Cancer people are fond of food. Consequently they are often afflicted with diseases which originate due to wrong diet.
Moon — rules Blood
The Moon indicates general health, physique, functional arrangements*(acute and acquired ailments), growth, conduct and habits of life.
The Moon is ruler of the mind and intelligence, mental disposition, heart, vital energy and saturation of blood. She is phlegmatic in constitution, mostly windy. Diseases that are caused by her are venereal diseases, cataracts, jaundice, inflation of nose*, conception, labor, hysteria, dysentery, dyspepsia, asthma, bronchitis, paralysis and skin disease. Organs ruled by the Moon include the arteries, nerves, brain, fat, stomach, uterus, bladder, breast, ovaries, and organs of procreation. During the full moon and new moon when certain electrical energies are emitted from the planets it brings changes in the mood.
Mars — rules Marrow
Mars is the planet of energy, hot and fiery. He rules over marrow, bile, strength, limbs, urinary systems, fire and wounds. Diseases ruled by him are high fever, cuts and burns, rupture of veins and arteries, decomposition of marrow, hemorrhage, abortion, menstrual disorders, gonorrhea and muscular rheumatism.
Mercury — rules Skin
Mercury rules the nervous system, brain, thorax, tongue, thyroid glands, skin and neck. Disease caused by it and dumbness, insanity, loss of memory, headache and skin diseases
Jupiter — rules Fat
Jupiter is phlegmatic. It rules fat, the stomach and intestines. The diseases caused by it are liver trouble, flatulence, abscesses, carbuncles, degeneration of fat, digestive troubles, leucorrhoea and mental disorders.
Venus — rules Sperm
Venus is watery and windy. The body parts ruled by Venus are sexual organs, semen, muscles, thighs, urine and hair. Diseases caused by Venus are venereal complaints, sexual debility, muscular rheumatism, loss of eyesight, power of smell, spermatorrhoea and leucorrhoea.
Saturn — rules Tiny nerves
Saturn is vata and phlegmatic, with windy composition. Parts of the body ruled by Saturn include the bladder, excretory system, teeth, muscles, tendons, wrist and feet. Diseases caused by Saturn are muscular pains, toothaches, asthma, tuberculosis, epilepsy, hysteria, pain in the joints and ulcers.
Rahu is phlegmatic. Body parts ruled by Rahu are skin and blood. Diseases caused by Rahu are cholera, small pox, leprosy, epilepsy, blood poisoning, itches, malaria and plague.
Ketu rules small pox, cholera, epidemics and fire. It causes the same diseases caused by Rahu.

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