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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Planetary and Elemental Rulers of Woods and Barks

Planetary and Elemental Rulers of Woods and Barks
Wood/Bark Planetary Ruler Elemental Ruler
Acacia Sun Air
Almond Mercury Air
Apple Venus Water
Apricot Venus Water
Ash Sun Fire
Aspen Mercury Air
Bay Sun Fire
Beech Saturn Water
Birch Venus Water
Buckthorn Saturn Water
Cedar Sun Fire
Cherry Venus Water
Chestnut Jupiter Fire
Cinchona Sun Fire
Cinnamon Sun Fire
Cypress Saturn Water
Dogwood Sun Air
Ebony Sun Fire
Elder Venus Water
Elm Saturn Water
Eucalyptus Moon Water
Fig Jupiter Fire
Hawthorn Mars Fire
Hazel Sun Air
Holly Mars Fire
Horse Chestnut Jupiter Fire
Juniper Sun Fire
Lemon Moon Water
Lime Sun Fire
Linden Jupiter Air
Liquidamber Sun Fire
Magnolia Venus Earth
Maple Jupiter Air
Mesquite Moon Water
Mimosa Saturn Water
Mulberry Mercury Air
Myrtle Venus Water
Oak Sun Fire
Olive Sun Fire
Oleander - Poisonous!! Saturn Earth
Orange Sun Fire
Peach Venus Water
Pear Venus Water
Pecan Mercury Air
Peppertree Mars Fire
Persimmon Venus Water
Pine Mars Air
Pistachio Mercury Air
Plum Venus Water
Pomegranate Mercury Air
Poplar Saturn Water
Prickly Ash Mars Fire
Quince Saturn Earth
Rosemary Sun Fire
Rowan Sun Fire
Sagebrush Venus Earth
Sandalwood Moon Water
Sassafras Jupiter Fire
Senna Mercury Air
Slippery Elm Saturn Air
Tamarisk Saturn Water
Tamarind Saturn Water
Tea Sun Fire
Walnut Sun Fire
Willow Moon Water
Witch Hazel Sun Fire

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