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Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Scented oils have become popular in candle magick, due to the influence of Louisiana ``gris-gris'' magick. There are many different blends available. These oils are rubbed over the surface of the candle before it is lit. They are available through occult suppliers. Books of oil formulas are available, if you wish to make your own. Some plain oils (such as potpourri oils) can also be used. Here are examples:
  • Pine: for healing, strength and prosperity.
  • Bayberry: for luck and prosperity.
  • Rose: for love.
  • Jasmine: for love, good fortune and wealth.
  • Lavender: for wisdom, love and psychic insight.
  • Frankincense: for blessings, good influences, protection.
  • Myrrh: to cleanse, to banish negativity.
  • Spearmint: for healing and purification.
Incense sticks are commonly burnt alongside the candle.

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