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Monday, 4 July 2011

Indications : Problems in married life and failures on every front

Indications : Problems in married life and failures on every front
1.Smell Caffor for 5 days regularly.(for peace of mind)
2.Keep or wear Square piece of Pure Silver
3.Lit lamp of Guugal and Caffor daily evening in your home.
4.Avoid black and blue clothing and cap. (if u r facing problems in job/ relations)
5.Doante Cocunet(with water inside of cocunet) for 21 days  in a religious place
6.for Health - take one spoon of raddish juice for 43 days.
7.Donate Ganga Water to people.
8.Barad/beetal tree be planted. (rahu and shani ka karj utterega, do not lie in court)
9. Marriage problem :  color yellow cotton thread and wear on right hand wrist.
10.On new Moons day and full Moons day , flow small pieces of silver in river.
11.wash your feet with sea-salt everyday night before going to bed.
12.Keep Shri Yantra in North Direction
13.Rahu gives nature of excessive sex and flirtness. Avoid it for the sake of your good health.
14.On saturday ..take small portion of dust from inside of your house, keep it under beetel tree and reqeust GOD  to ward of your problems
15.Don not eat raw Onion.
16.Use Chandan(sandalwood) perfume on the upper-inn side of Ear if your left side of  body is facing problems or bodypart sleeps .
17.Give gifts to Ladies on your birthday.
18.If u have Kal sarpa Yoga.......donate pair of snakes(male+female) made of sliver in Shiva temple on shivlingam.

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