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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

herbs and roots Homoeopathy

Extracts of the herbs and roots can also be taken orally, in the form of mother tinctures commonly used in Homoeopathy. These herbs and roots and their extracts in the form of mother tincture have proved equally effective in countering the negative influences of planets on human beings. The extracts of the roots and herbs as mother tincture are available in any homoeopathic outlet. The doses, however, should be taken after consulting an experienced astro-occult practitioner. The names and doses of some herbal extracts or mother tinctures are given below:
Planets Extract/Mother Tincture Doses
Sun Aegletolia ­ Q 5 Drops
Venus Hydroquotile S ­ Q
Meshashringi ­ Q
10 Drops
10 Drops
Jupiter Chirata ­ Q 15 Drops
Moon Honey One spoon
Ketu Ahswagangha ­ Q 10 Drops
Saturn Shefalika ­Q
Dhurba - Q
10 Drops
10 Drops
20 Drops
Mars Anantamool ­ Q
Panchamukhi Jaba ­ Q
Neem ­ Q
10 Drops
10 Drops
10 Drops
Rahu Swetchandan ­ Q 5 drops or paste: spoon
Mercury Hydrocotyle ­ Q
Amala ­ Q
10 drops
5 drops

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