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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Fame and Prosperity

Episode Theme: How to get fame (Shauhrat) and prsoperity (Vaibhav) in life? There are some people who despite having lots of money with them, are hardly ever respected by their own people as well as in the society? Why does it happen? What are the planets responsible behind this condition and what are the  remedies available in vedic astrology (Jyotisha)?
Pawan Sinha ji:

Planets like, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Rahu, if weak, can create a lot of problems in one's life to attain fame and prosperity. If they are bad, they'll never let you stay away from arguments and problems that will hamper your respect in not just the society but even your own family and in-laws.
Sun, if it's bad in the horoscope,(it has to be first properly analysed from the main horoscope as well as the divisional charts before concluding whether your Sun is bad, weak, strong or good),  it will never give stability in life. There's no possibility of fame at upper levels. Even if you get it, you won't be able to maintain it somehow. No stability. Here are some symptoms to judge whether the condition of Sun or Surya is bad in your chart or not:
  • Bad relations with father.
  • Stiffness in the body
  • If you're a man, no happiness from in-laws. (no respect)
Remedies to improve the condition of Sun :
  • Prepare surya yantra and write using kapoor, white chandan, kastoori, haldi, keep it in front of your ishta and energize it by chanting gayatri mantra-11,000 times. Keep it safe with you. Here's the yantra:
  • Stop eating salt on Sundays.
  • Start eating gurh (jaggery) and sugarcane juice frequently.
  • For removing all problems created by Surya that are visible on your palm also, you should drink a little lukewarm water and eat one revdi along with it. Do this remedy before doing any important work if you want to reach at a high position in life. 
These are the symptoms when Moon is about to give you bad results that will hamper your respect and fame:
  • Smelling power and hearing power will get reduced (not medically)
  • Fear from animals arises
  • Nal, paani, water tank will dry up. 
  • Don't drink water in glass glass
  • Keep Saunf and mishri in a silver utensil at home and offer it to guests as well. 
  • Touch feet (cross hands) of elderly people. (from left hand touch right foot, n vice versa). Always treat elderly people with lots of respect even if you don't like them much.
Mars generally creates problems in your place of birth. Mars creates problems in your relations with your siblings. The person has to go away from home to attain some fame and prosperity. 
Remedies of Mars:
  • Offer white flower to your Ishta Devta. 
  • If you don't get respect from your Siblings or Nanad (sister in law), Devar (brother in law), then, do this remedy - When you extinguish gas last time after doing all day's work, do it using some milk and splash it on the burner.
No respect from father's family like, paternal grandparents or your own sister and Bua or the city of your father, then do these remedies:
  • Clean teeth using small babool branches.(sticks)
  • Never keep birds as pet at home
  • Offer silver, gurh (jaggery) yellow daal and yellow clothes sometimes to a temple (or worship place) on WEDNESDAYS. 
Rahu snatches away fame and prosperity and never gives respect from ur in-laws. When Rahu is about to give problems in your life, you will start stattering or fumbling while speaking. Rahu will disturb your concentration as well. 
Rahu Remedies:
  • Give food and grains to Cow and Birds. 
Special Remedy:
For those people who are unable to finish the work they've given committment for...those who leave work incomplete coz of worries and tension. Those who're unable to say 'NO' to somebody but after saying Yes, they're not able to keep up to their promise, this is the remedy to try:
  • Walk peacefully for 30 minutes on green grass in the morning alone. Switch off your mobiles and other such gadgets while doing this walk. 
  • Light some sandalwood aroma in the morning (aggarbatti or something) and offer some durva (green grass) to Ganpati ji. 
  • In the evening, do mental worship of Ganpati ji. (Lord Ganesha).


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