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Saturday, 16 July 2011

effects of the evil eye

There are various remedies for getting untangled from the ill effects of the evil eye and they are numerous and diverse according to the customs and the religious practices. Here are certain widely practiced remedial methods to cast off the evil eye.
1) Take a pinch of salt and wave it over the head of the affected person and throw it in the running water.
2) You can use full red chili and do the same as in the above step but instead throw it in fire.
3) Pin up or thread seven green chilies on the top of a lemon and hang it on the front door of your home or office.
4) Simply apply a black spot with kajal on the forehead of the affected child.
5) A black pot can be hung on the front face of the hose or office wall or roof.
6) Tying a black thread or a ribbon behind the new vehicle.
7) See your image in bowl of mustard oil and then burn this oil outside the house.
8) Meditation, yoga and chanting of mantra helps by strengthening our aura and controlling our own emotions.
9) Specific remedies according to planetary position in horoscope.
10) One can ward off the effect also by wearing the Siddha Yantra for evil eye protection.

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