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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Color Correspondences

Color Correspondences

Color has always been used symbolically. Emotions can be influenced by color and represented by color. Color correspondences are a valuable tool in ritual, the color appropriate for the magical intent can be used on the altar, robes of that color can be worn, colored candles can be used...color can be included in ritual in many ways to symbolize the purpose of the spell being cast. To an extent, color symbolism is a personal matter, dependent upon the individuals interpretation, but there are traditional associations for particular colors as well. The tables on this page give the historic and traditional correspondences of color under various systems. Use them by finding your intent in the list and utilizing the color associated with that purpose.

Color Correspondences from Buckland

Color Purpose
White Purity, truth, sincerity
Red Strength, health, vigor, sexual love
Light Blue Tranquility, understanding, patience, health
Dark Blue Impulsiveness, depression, changability
Green Finance, fertility, luck, friendship
Yellow Attraction, charm, persuasion, confidence
Brown Hesitation, uncertainty, neutrality
Pink Honor, love, morality
Black Evil, loss, discord, confusion
Purple Tension, ambition, power, business progress
Gray Cancellation, neutrality, stalemate
Orange Encouragement, attraction, stimulation
Green Yellow Sickness, cowardice, anger, jealousy, discord

Color Correspondences from Cunningham

Color Intent
White Protection, peace, purification, chastity, happiness, halting gossip, spirituality
Green Healing, money, luck, fertility, prosperity, beauty, employment, youth
Red Lust, strength, courage, power, sexual potency
Pink Emotional love, fidelity, friendship
Yellow Psychic powers, divination, mental powers, wisdom, visions
Purple Exorcism, healing, power
Blue Healing, sleep, peace
Orange Legal matters, success
Brown The home, healing animals

Color Correspondences from Pale Horse

Color Intent
Silver Light over darkness
White Protection, exorcism, purification, spirituality, chastity
Lt Blue Peace, healing, sleep, protection
Electric Blue Purification, color of a witches power or fire
Red Passionate love, lust, power, strength, war, courage, sexual potency, anger, domination
Pink Love, friendship, fidelity
Rose Romance
Purple Occult, power, domination, mystery, courage, superiority, the veil of knowledge
Gray Bondage, mystery, eroticism, ill will, emptiness, void
Lavendar Spiritual healing, peace, sleep
Green Money, prosperity, fertility, youth, new beginings, growth, luck, employment, beauty
Yellow Wisdom, divination, mystery
Orange Attraction, success, vitality, positive ego, pride
Brown Balance, stability, the home, animals, absorbs negativity
Black Bondage, mystery, eroticism, ill will, emmptiness, void, negativity, domination, the supernatural

Color Correspondences from Hoodoo

Color Intent
White Adds to spiritual strength, breaks curses or crossed conditions, represents faith, purity, truth, sincerity
Pink Overcomes evil, represents honor, love, morality, friendship, general success
Red Love, sexuality, good health, strength, physical vigor
Orange Encouragement, attraction, adaptability, stimulation, concentration
Yellow Attraction, persuasion, gives confidence, charm
Green Money, luck, financial success, prosperity, fertility, good crops and harvest, charm
Light Blue Understanding, health, tranquility, protection, peace, general happiness, sharpens the perception, spiritual awareness, patience
Dark Blue Depression, moodiness, changeability, impulsiveness, very subduing, unfortunate
Purple Ambition, promotes business progress, power, causes tension, strengthens willpower
Brown Hesitation, doubt uncertainty, robs energy, neutrality
Black  Ill will, negativity, revenge, death, evil, the unknown
Gray Cancellation, stalemate, neutrality
Green Yellow Jealousy, anger, sickness, quarrels, discord, cowardice

Color Correspondences from Valiente

Color Purpose
White Psychic development, dispelling of evil influences
Red Life, vitality, changing your luck for the better
Blue Healing, spiritual development, occult protection
Green Fertility, prosperity, financial gain
Golden Yellow Intellectual development, strength of mind
Pink Love, friendship, happiness
Purple Occult power, overcoming
Orange Optimism, success
Black Communing with the spirits of the dead, revenge, retribution

Color Correspondences from Healiki

Color Purpose
White Sincerity, truth, purity, spirit, healing, the divine
Red Passion, sex, strength, energy
Yellow Money, friendship, lovers, upliftment
Blue Peace, compassion, clairvoyance, luck
Orange Mental stimulation, attraction, adaptability
Green Money, fertility, growth, healing
Purple Magical or financial power, clairvoyance
Pink Love, harmony, joy, healing

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