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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sadhana for Financial Matters

Sadhana for Financial Matters
In Indian Mythology Kuber is lord of treasure.  By worshiping Kuber, one may get betterment in financial matters and if Kuber Sadhana is done particularly in the night of Dhan Trodashi (Dhanteras before Deepawali or any Amavasya), Financial prosperity can be got immediately including luck, name & fame.

1.      Pran Pratishthit Sri Kuber Yantra inscribed on Silver plate
2.      Yellow Aasana
3.      Tamra Patra for water
4.      Gangajala
5.      Deepak
6.      Pure Ghee for Deepa
7.      Flower- White Rose, Yellow Flower and Maala
8.      Fruits of 5 types
9.      Coconut
10.    Gol Supaari – 11 piece
11.    Paan – 5 leaves
12.    Naivedya – Sweets etc
13.    Ashtagandha and Anaar Kalam
14.    Dhup, Googul or Agarbatti
15.    Roli
16.    Kalawa
17.    Bronze or Siver Thali
18.    Rudraksha Maala having 108 beads (rosary)


1.    Keep Fasting or do Phalahaar as per your convenience;
2.    Take  bath in the evening (2-3 hrs after sunset) Wear Yellow cloth preferably Dhoti ;
3.    Sit North facing on Yellow Aasana and purify yourself through Mantra ‘ Om apavitra pavitrova …’;
4.    Keep Sri Kuber Yantra on Yellow Aasan at Puja Sthal
5.    Prepare Swastik on Bronze or Siver Thali.  Keep Akshata and one Gol Supari, wrapped in yellow cloth, in centre of Swastik. Anar kalam and Ashtagandh also should be kept in the Thali;
6.    Do Puja by doing Ahavahan and offering gangajala, Chandana, Akshata, Phool, Kalava, Roli, Paan, Supari and Naivedya;
7.    Start chanting Mantra (Om Yaksharaj Kuberay Namah) and keep preparing  this Sri Kuber Yantra on Bhojpatra through Anar Kalam and Ashtagandha ink (prepared with Gangajal or Gulabjala) or if purchased  Sri Kuber Yantra, just fill inscribed lines on the Yantra through Anaar Kalam and Ashtagandha ink.
8.    Offer Nariyal & Naivedya to such prepared Sri Kuber Yantra while chanting the said Mantra.
9.    Now chant Mantra ( Om Yakshaay Kuberaay Vaishvanaay Dhan Dhanyadhipatye Dhan Dhanya Samridhing Mein Dehi Daapay Swahaa) for 11 Mala i.e 11x108 times.
10.  On completion of Japa, offer your pranam to Sri Kuber Yantra and Devata and do 7 times pradakshina.
11.  Thereafter with great reverence wrap the yantra with the same yellow cloth and keep these in your cash box. 

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