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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


The time of birth depicts a ‘nakshatra’ or cosmic constellation.  Constellation is very important firstly because it provides link to the personality associated with the ascendant (lagna) and the life force or the nature of the pranna prevailing in the ‘deha-sharir’ (body).  Secondly, it provides an indication of the ‘tithi’ (type of time).  ‘Tithi’ can be conducive of producing the following physical DOSHA types:
                                                                                    Time ruling:
                                                                                    AM                              PM
EKADOSHA PURE VATTA                                       3-5                               3-5
EKADOSHA PURE PITTA                                        11AM TO 1PM            11PM TO 1AM
EKADOSHA PURE KAPHA                                      7-9                               7-9
DWA DOSHA VATTA-PITTA                                               1-3                               1-3
DWA DOSHA VATTA-KAPHA                                  5-7                               5-7
DWA DOSHA PITTA-KAPHA                                   9-11                             9-11
TRI-DHOSIC VATTA-PITTA-KAPHA                     CUSPS                        CUSPS

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