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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Huna – The most widely used materialization technique of Hawaii

Nobody creates or invents anything, we just acknowledge and draw from universe; where everything already exists – that’s what I feel. We are not creator and we are not inventor; but we discover and use.
If Einstein couldn’t be discovered E= M C square, anybody would. Nobody is genius and nobody is less-genius. But somebody is more connected to universe and somebody less. Loaded words like “brilliant man”, “genius person” etc. are just fake. Most of the people suffer in this world only because self created mazes of loaded words and power sentences of scriptures, where people invite others also to come and play, and get trapped in nonsense.
Life is simple, and God is simple too. But since childhood everyone is told to do worship this way and that way and – ruin and wreck everything. Well, I’m stopping myself; I’ll talk about some other day whatever is in my heart. Now, I’m going to discuss with you very powerful technique of materialization, it is said to be 2,000 or more years old technique of Hawaii.
Years back, I studies about Huna and practiced too. Here, I’m discussing with you this technique of making dreams come true. This is one of the simple and effective techniques based on our life force energy, will power and spiritual energy.
Before going to this technique, I want to tell you one thing very clearly that: if you have any blocked/suppressed emotions, ill-will or revenge etc, this technique may not work for you. So before doing this technique just forgive yourself (whatever you might have done to others), and forgive others (whatever they might have done to you). For clearing suppressed emotions, if you want you can take a look at Nirmala Mata Ji online meditation or you can choose your alternate ways whatever best suit you. But from Reiki healing, Sanjivini healing, Osho dynamic meditation, NLP therapy, and Vipasyana etc, you can also make your blocked emotions clear. Now, we assume all suppressed emotions are clear.
According Huna: our Physical Body is connected to Lower Self thru Silver Cord; our Lower Self is connected to Higher Self thru Golden Cord.  Note this: there is no connection between middle self and higher self.
Silver Cord is always connected to physical body, as far as one is alive. When with the help of Silver Cord, Middle Self leaves the Physical Body and comes back after a detour, it is called astral travel. Lower Self is the exact copy of the physical body, usually it surrounds the physical body. The role of middle self is survival of the body. And higher self is slightly above the crown of the head.
Please understand one more thing, this technique is not used for negative purpose like harming others, making ill-will to others, whatever you think for others it comes back to you . You can never make fool to an energy, which has lots of intelligence.
You can’t communicate to your Higher Self directly, because there is no cord between Middle Self and Higher Self. But you can communicate to Higher Self indirectly thru Lower Self. Your genuine wish can only be possible when it reaches to Higher Self.
Be relaxed and calm. Take comfortable breath and with each incoming breath feel that your energy in increasing, your vibrations are increasing. Now you are going to implant a seed of your wish, when you will have planted the seed, never dig the soil again and again to check how much seed is grown, otherwise seed will never be grown. For implanting seed just visualize strongly whatever you want, it is better to write down your visualization, because it will not change – until it comes true. Visualize with all the senses like visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory and olfactory. Now keep focused your strong visualization, and now take a big long, deep and regular breath for few minutes, it will fuel the life force energy into the seed. Now ask your Lower Self to implant this seed to Higher Self, and wait for response.
Now, you have implanted your sealed desire (seed). Every day, you need to energize this seed, until it comes to true. For this, first you need to be calm and composed in a silent place, then take comfortable breath and feel with each incoming breath, your life force energy and will power is increasing; when doing so for 5 -10 minutes or may be more, when you feel inundated with energy and high will power; ask your Lower Self or feel this energy is going to Higher Self via Lower Self and materializing your wish.
Here, three energy will be working for materializing your desire: one is life force energy that comes by breath, second is will power that comes from middle self, and third is spiritual energy that is in higher Self. 

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