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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Ancient tips ( Remedies ) for getting Fortune and Good Luck

• Collect small pieces of Sandalwood, Deodar, Agil, Tulsi sticks, conch, pearl, ivory, bit of tiger skin and deer skin and put them in a small yellow bag and place the same in either the Pooja room or in the cash Almirah and worship the same with incense sticks and offerings on all Fridays.

• Buy some salt on every Friday from the shop and add the same in the salt pot in the house. This will not only make one rich beyond one’s dream but also help one to clear all debts.

• Burn incense and sandal powder in the house on all Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Poverty will be completely wiped out.

• If the house is not built according to Vastu or proved to be unlucky, tie a coconut with its shoot on the inner side of the main entrance of the house. Regular worship to the same will bring the grace of Goddess Lakshmi.

• Every Friday in the Pooja room wash the wooden plank with ghee and draw Kolam with sugar. Light a silver lamp with lotus wicks or plaintain wicks. Offer five kinds of fruits and worship. Within 27 weeks one will immense progress in one’s life.

• If in the Pooja room one draws lotus kolam with rice flour one will get one’s desires fulfilled.

• Mix seven kinds of oil and light lamp both in the mornings and in the evenings. This will relieve one from debt, enmity and disease.

• If every Friday one gives salt, Turmeric, kumkum, a pair of bangles ,Comb, blouce-bits, mirror, betel leaves and nut with some money to a married woman for 27 weeks , one will be free from law suits, debts, premature death, all sins and obstacles in marriage.

• For Monetary Gains, donate “SUHAAG” samagri to married “suhaagin” lady, Bindi, Nail polish, sindoor, churri, red ribbon , on frist “Thursday” of “sukla pakxya” do it for 5 Thursdays.

• On a New Moon Monday collect a little water in 27small vessels from 27 different wells separately and bury the pots in a pit of 3 feet depth on the north eastern corner of the house. Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, will live in that house for 100 years.

• Draw the diagram of Sri Chakra on a 1’x1’ sandalwood, forest vembu or Redwood plank and consecrate the same. If it hung on a wall in a house, shop or trade centre, it will attract people, attention and wealth immensely.

• If cactus is kept in a pot in a house, whether it be own house, rented one or multi-storeyed apartment, it will remove the spell of evil eye.

• Collect a single rice, Seasame, Mustard, Pepper, Jaggary, four kinds of dals, Salt, Soil from the house, Soil from the ant hill, Soil from the Shiva temple, Red Soil, Clayey soil, Sea sand, river Sand, Pebble, Black soil, 9 shells, 9 sea conches, 108 Lotus beads, 108 Tulsi beads, 108 Spatika (Crystal) beads, 108 sandal wood beads and put them all in a small bag and bury the same in a pit dug in front of the house on the First Tuesday in the month of Adi (July 15th to 15th Aug.), Ippasi (15`th Oct. to 15th Nov.) or Chitra (14th April to 15th May) between 6 and 7 a.m . This will bring a great fortune to the house.

• If in a house where the income is poor and expenses are heavy and there is no growth in the fortunes of the members of the house, then , it is better to grow Asoka and coconut trees on either side of the that house.

• For Prosperity and progress to the members in a house, and to drive away all the spell of the evil eye, bury a rare one eyed coconut on each four corners of the house.
Indian Vedic Scriptures Emphasises That An Educated Person Is More Valuable Than A Wealthy One. Because Wealth Can Be Lost, Stolen Or Destroyed But Education Cannot Be. An Educated Or Learned Person Is Respected Everywhere Compared To A Rich One (Only Respected In His Native Land)

Best education requires some important qualities (5 c’s)like concentration, consistency, confidence, class (aim) career consciousness and ofcourse memory (strong enough to retain and recall facts and figures whenever they are needed.)

Most of the time we find that a child with average intellect gets higher grades compare to other highly intelligent children. This happens due to lack of above mentioned qualities. it happens due to elemental dficiency and can be corrected by use of these gemstones.

Best education requires some important qualities (5 c’s)like concentration, consistency, confidence, class (aim) career consciousness and ofcourse memory (strong enough to retain and recall facts and figures whenever they are needed.)

If married couple is on cold war either of them should sprinkle some salt on right side of main door (outside standing inside). Keep chanting name of the spouce while sprinkling. Differences will vanish away.
For success in everything break a coconut every saturday morning. For financial stability, keep a ‘shree yantra’ in your pocket without any cover.It works slow but surely, It will lead you to prosperity.

Almirah,containing cash box should face north or north east direction.All incoming cash should be kept here for atleast 24 hours untouched and then only to be taken for spending. Such practice shall lead to a stoppage of unnecessary expenditure.

Do not give away cash between 11 to 13 Hrs and17 to 19 Hrs for charity or you will be begging for charity, very soon.
Do not keep practicing signature on papers, ideally. If not stopped, you may find yourself debt-ridden.
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