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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Remedies to get rid of hurdles or a lot of struggles created by planets like, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mars:

    Take some soil (mitti) from the root of a Banyan (Bargad) tree. Mix it with a few drops of milk and apply it as a tilak on forehead. Do this regularly if you're really very upset coz of struggles in your life.
     Make use of silver and Rudraaksh in your life as much as possible to strengthen Moon - one of the main Karakas of Bhagya or Fortune/Luck.
     Drink water in a silver glass, wear a silver chain or ring in your thumb. Same with Rudraaksh. (Remember, for emotionless, selfish people, silver isn't a very effective remedy). Be compassionate and give love to the people and surroundings.
    You can wear "supaari" as pendant in your neck.
    Remember your "Ishta Devta" as much as possible. Bhajan Kirtan of Ishta Devta also helps.
    Keep Almonds (Badaam) or Papaya seeds below your bed.
    In the corner of your bedroom or study room, you can also keep Black and Yellow Mustard Seeds. (Kaali and Peeli sarso)

by astro uncle

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