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Thursday, 4 July 2013


Eight Directions
      Each of the basic eight direction bears its unique importance and affects all the living beings on earth definitely affecting their future.
          Direction Devta
             1. Uttar (North)  Kuber
             2. Ishaanya (North East) Jupiter
             3. Purva (East) Indra
             4. Agneya (South East) Agni 
             5. Dakshin (South) Yama
             6. Nairuttya (South West) Rahu
             7. Paschim (West) Varun
             8. Vaayavya (North West) Vayu 
These directions have specific effect on each individual and grossly command their behavior. So also they are responsible for giving various aspects of loss and fortune to all of us as per the direction of orientation of our Home/ offices.

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