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Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Plants and Herbs for Upaya

Traditionally plants and herbs have been used as an upaya in India to get rid of maladies caused by grah chal [planetary combinations].

While using a plant or a herb for upaya the following should be kept in mind:

[a] If you want to bring home a piece of a plant or a herb for any upaya, then you should go to that tree or the herb a day before and with folded hands you should invite it to your house. You should pray that “ O [herbs name] please come to my house and relieve me from the misery I am suffering” etc.

[b] Next day, you can go and take a piece of the plant or the herb home.

[c] Do not use an iron tool to cut the piece. You can use either a wooden tool or your hands to dig the roots etc.

[d] Before cutting the piece of the plant or the root, you should say loudly that any spirit inhabiting the plant should leave it for a while at least till the time you leave the place.

[e] After having procured the piece, seek forgiveness for having hurt the plant.

[f] The piece should be brought home on the day associated with the planet or the nakshatra.

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