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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Master's answers

Master's answers

1.    Which is the worst fear among all fears ?
       The fear of death is the worst

2.    How is the fear of death to be overcomes ?
       Only by knowiing that you are the Deathless One
       Meditation helps towards achieving the knowledge

3.    What is the purpose of life ?
       To know that you are Divine. You are One with God

4.    How is renunciation be best defined ?
       It is the letting go of the "I" and "Mine" thought.
       You  can  have anything you want . Just give up
        the possessiveness not the possessions

5.    Is spiritual freedom to be attained in the future ?
       No. It is here and now. Think that you one free
       and feel free.

6.    When does the disciple receive that grace
       of the guru ?
       There is no time - limit. The master's grace
       is overflowing. The disciple has only to make
       himself avail to it.

7.    What is the meaning of "Samadhi" ?
       "Samadhi" means Adikkusamam (Primordial).It means One with God

8.    Is pooja superior to meditation ?
       Neither is superior nor inferior. Both are just stages, of course the sadhaka must progress from
       the state of pooja to meditation.Meditation leads to self realization.

9.    What is Swami's advise to us ?
       Remember one thing. The guru is never in need of disciles. Only disciples are in need of a guru. The
       guru is Poornam. He lacks nothing. But the disciples lack in almost everything. And the grace
       of the Master leads the disciple to that state of "Poornam" or wholeness.


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