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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Yagyavalkya smriti

Yagyavalkya smriti says :
श्री कामः शांतिकामी वा ग्रह यज्ञं समाचरेत !
वृष्टयायु पुष्टि कामों वा तथा वा अभिचरंतपी !!
meaning : One who desires wealth, annulment of evil planets, rain, longevity, health, prosperity and success over enemies must worship PLANETS.

Yagyavalkya smriti further says :
यस्य यस्य यदा दु:स्थ: संतं यत्नेन पूजयेत !
ब्राह्मण एवां वरो दत्त: पूजिता पूजयिप्यथ !!

meaning : Creator Brahma commanded the Planets that protect those who worship you, from the evil effects indicated by unwelcome placements of Planets and not only remove evil results but bless them too.

Varahmihir says :
प्रीतै : पीड़ा न स्यात उच्चाद्वयपि पतति !
विशति यदि वा भुजंगम विजं भित्तम !!
Meaning : when planets are properly worshipped they protect one even if he falls in a pit of snakes or falls from height.

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