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Monday, 6 February 2012

Trees as Mentioned in Vedas and Puranas

  Trees as Mentioned in Vedas and Puranas

1. Ten wells equal a step well Ten step wells equal a tank Ten tanks equal a son Ten sons equal a tree. (Matsya Purana 512)

2. Those who plant trees in deserted and difficult to reach places Give salvation to their previous and future generations. (Shiva Purana Uma Samhita 11/7)

3. Those who have planted tulsi vana (Indian basil, ocimum sanctum forest) in the course of worshipping Vishnu have done yagya with all the rituals, and they have got the fruits of 100 yagyas. (Padma Purana Srishti Khand chapter 26, Shloka 43)

4. Those who want better future should plant good trees around tanks, and raise them like sons, as the trees are considered like sons in our religion. ( Mahahbharat, Anu Parva 58/31)

5. Noble is the birth of trees who give life to all beings. They are like gentlemen who never turn anybody away disappointed. (Bhagvat 10-22-33)

6. Trees are like gentlemen who help others. They stand in the sun but give shade to others. Their fruit is also for the use of others. (Vikram Charitam 65)

7. The five biggest favours bestowed by trees are like five mahayagyas. They give fuel to the the families, shade and resting place to the travellers, nests to the birds, and medicines from their leaves, roots and bark. (Varaha Purana 162-41-42)

8. Eunuchs, snakes, rakshas, gods, dancing communities, human beings and sages all seek shelter under the tree. (Mahabharat Anu Parva-58/29)

9. Trees fulfill the desires of human beings by their leaves, flowers, shade, , root, bark, wood, fragrance, gum, ash, charcoal, buds and new leaves. (Srimadbhagvat, Skandh, a-22 Shloka 34)

10. By planting one peepul (ficus religiosa), One neem (Azadiracht indica), one bargad (ficus bengalensis), ten Imli (Tamarindus indica), Three Kaith ( (Limonia acidissima), Three vilva (aegle marmalos), Three aonla (Indian gooseberry- Phyllanthus embilica), and five mango (mangifera indica), one can never go to hell. (Bhahvishya Purana, Rajdharma Kaustubh Khand)

11. See my dear Friend, how lucky these trees are. Their whole life is dedicated to doing good to others. They bear storm, rain, wind, and hails, but they save us from them. ( Srimadbhagvat, Skandh dasham,A22 Shloka 37)

12. Just one tree with flowers and fruits makes the forest and environment fragrant and heavenly, like a good son to a family. (Chanakyaniti Darpan, 3-14)

13. Those who plant one peepul (ficus religiosa), one neem (azadericht indica), one bargad ( Ficus bengalensis), ten flowering trees, two pomegranates, two oranges, and and five mango trees can never go to hell. (Varaha Purana 12-2-39)

14. Those who plant trees in this world beget sons in the netherworld. (Vishnudharma sutra 91-4)

15.. Trees with flowers and fruits satisfy this world. Those who donate a tree are given salvation by the same trees in the other world. ( Mahabharat Anu Parva 58/30)

16. O Tree! You bear the burden of flowers, leaves and fruits, give relief to the people from sun, and give them succour during winter. Thus you dedicate your entire life in helping others. That is why you are greater than a gentlemen. Therefore O Tree! Please accept my regards. (Bhamini Vilasa-86)

17. Where there is tulsi vana (forest of Indian basil), god Vishnu is nearby. Brahma, Lakshmi, and all other gods are also with god Vishnu there. (Padma purana, Srishti Khand, Ch. 26, Shloka 38)

18. God Vishnu says that aonla (Indian gooseberry) is holiest of all fruits in all the worlds. Therefore it is important to plant aonla trees . By planting it, men and women get rid of the cycle of life, death and rebirth in this world. (Padma purana,. Srishti Khand, ch. 26, Shloka 2)

19. By worshipping peepul and Khejadi (Prosopis cineraria, shami) trees , even a barren woman begets a child. (Atharva veda Pt. 612-11 first stanza)

20. God said: 'O King! It is I who dwell in peepul tree and look after the three worlds. Where there is no peepul tree, I don’t reside. (Mahabaharat Vaishnavdharma parva Chapter -19)
22. The leaves, flowers, seeds, root, branches, bark, stem and even the soil of the place where tulsi shrub grows are all holy. (Padma purana Uttarkhand 24/2)

23. Wherever there are aonla trees, poverty disappears. All gods become satisfied by aonla trees, reside in it, and do not forsake it for a moment. (Padma purana Srishti Khand, Ch. 26, Shloka 15.)

24.. The man who worships Vishnu with tulsi leaves can never be involved in sins like a lotus leaf in water. (Brahma vaivarta Purana)

25. Those who plant trees, for them they are like sons. There is no doubt that because of those trees, man attains heaven after his death. (Mahabharata Anu parva 58/27)

26. If you water a mango tree, the ancestors feel happy. (Mahabhashya, Part I)

27. If you destroy a tree, you also destroy leaves, flowers and fruits, and the country has lesser or excess rainfall resulting in famine. (Agnipurana).

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