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Friday, 10 February 2012


Wearing of Rudraksha according to your sign:

The natives who are suffering from various problems due to negative effect of planets, it is advisable to wear 

the under noted Rudrakshas to nullify the negative effects. It may please be noted that these Rudrakshas 

before wearing them should get them energized in Lord Shiva Temple and wear the same on Monday for 

more effective positive benefits.

MESHA RASI - Eka Mukhi or Panchamukhi

VRUSHABA RASI - Chaturmukhi, Panchamukhi or Chaturdasamukhi

MITHUNA RASI - Chaturmukhi, Panchamukhi or Triodasamukhi

KARKATAKA RASI - Trimukhi or Panchamukhi

SIMHA RASI - Eka Mukhi or Trimukhi or Panchamukhi

KANYA RASI - Chaturmukhi or Triodasamukhi

TULA RASI - Chaturmukhi, Shanmukhi or Chaturdasamukhi

VRUSCHIKA RASI - Trimukhi, Panchamukhi or Dwimukhi

DHANNUS RASI - Ekamukhi, Trimukhi or Panchamukhi

MAKARA RASI - Chaturmukhi, Shanmukhi or Chaturdasamukhi

KUMBA RASI - Chaturmukhi or Shanmukhi or Chaturdasamukhi

MEENA RASI - Trimukhi or Panchamukhi or Dwimukhi

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