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Wednesday, 8 February 2012


The principal Gods/ presiding deities of each direction are:

Northeast- Eeshanya- Ruled by Mahadev Shiva
Best for main entrance, Pooja / worship room, meditation room, drinking water fountain.

East- Aditya- Ruled by Sun God
Best for bathroom, verandah, balcony, exercise room, main entrance for shops / banks.

Southeast- Agni- Ruled by Lord of Fire
Best for kitchen / pantry with cooking range / platform in the south-east corner
South- Yama- Ruled by Lord of Death
Best for steps going up towards south or mezzanine floor.

Southwest- Pitru- Ruled by ancestors
Best for master bedroom, lumber, first floor extension or over head water tank.

West- Varuna- Ruled by Lord of water
Best for dining room, study room, toilets

Northwest- Vayu- ruled by Lord of Winds
Best for children bedroom or store room.

North- Kubera- Ruled by Lord of Wealth
Best for living room, strong room, porch, cellar, basement, open terrace, verandah

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