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Monday, 10 October 2011

Water Therapy

Water Therapy: Benefits of Drinking Water Early in the Morning


    Water is panacea for chronic and incurable diseases. Rise early from bed. Do not wash your face and mouth as you do normally. Sit comfortably and drink four large glasses of water. Do not take any thing for 45 minutes. You can wash your face and brush your teeth after drinking water.

    Always drink water after an hour of breakfast and meals. Regular intake of water early in the morning gives relief in the following diseases :

    1. Diabetes
    2. Acne, Boils
    3. Headache
    4. Blood pressure
    5. Old age and wrinkles
    6. Arthritis
    7. Paralysis, problem of ladies (Leucorrhoea)
    8. Anaemia
    9. Heart diseases, Faintness
    10. Cold, Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis
    11. Obesity
    12. Meningitis
    13. Disorders of the liver
    14. Tuberculosis
    15. Disorders of the eyes
    16. Irregular menstruation
    17. Urinary problems, stones, etc.
    18. Hyperacidity
    19. Gastric trouble and diseases concerned with Back, Spine .
    20. Cancer of ovary
    21. Swelling, Fever
    22. Digestive disorders
    23. Piles
    24. Diseases caused by Vata, Pitta, Cough
    25. Mental weakness, etc.

    If sick persons or soil natured persons with a delicate physique is unable to take four glasses of water at a stretch, they should start from one or two glasses and then gradually they should start taking lour glasses. Take four glasses of water regularly. Experiments have proved that different diseases can be cured wilhin the time given below by its regular use :

    Hypertension — within one month
    Gastric trouble — within ten days
    Cancer — within six months
    Constipation — within ten days
    Diabetes — within one month
    TB — within three months
    Leucorrhoea — within one month
    Paralysis — within three months

    Other diseases described above may be cured within four to six months according to their nature. Drinking four glasses of water does not have any ill-effects on health. Only the urge to pass urine will be great and you will pass urine in large quantities frequently. Passing of stool will be easy and complete. It will facilitate the expulsion of the accumulated waste matter very effectively and leave you fresh. Besides hydrotherapy, certain other measures or household remedies are also advised for such disorders.

    Some Important Facts

    1. Never drink water before passing urine or just after passing urine.

    2. Passing urine after meals prevents formation of stones.

    3. Stand on forefoot and then pass urine. This posture prevents formation of stones.

    4. Water contained in copper vessel is hundred times more useful.

    5. Take juice of one lemon in a glass of warm water before going to bed. It gives relief in Coryza.

    6. Take juice of one lemon and tea spoon of honey in warm water in the morning. It helps in curing obesity and improves complexion.

    7. In early morning, chew five leaves of Neem (Azadiracta indica) and Holy Tulsi (Ocimum basilium) and drink a glass of water after chewing these leaves. This can protect you from carcinoma (Cancer) too.

    8. Take a little rice (raw—one or Lwo tea spoons) with a glass of water to cure liver disorders.

    9. The water kept in a Shankh for a whole night is remedy for Stammering speech. Continue this for four to six months.

    Role of Water on Stomach

    There is secretion of gastric juices in the stomach to digest food. The more concentrated the gastric juices, the better the digestion of food.

    If someone takes liquid, whether it is water, wine or beer, the gastric juices will not remain concentrated. They would be diluted by the intake of water, wine or beer and would not be effective in digestion of food.

    Similarly, if a person takes water six or eight times while taking his meal, it would dilute gastric juices so much that they will not be able to act as digestive juice.

    Do not take water at all during meals. If you have to take it, take a very small quantity, so that gastric juices may be absorbed in all eaten food.

    If you feel thirsty after one hour or more of taking food, please take water in limited quantity. The body, especially the stomach, needs water at intervals, from time to time to liquidate Its juices. ID increase its quantity and to absorb the solid material (food), The body itself informs whenever it needs it. Sometimes, the desire to lake water is less and sometimes it is more, One should be particular about the intake, whether il is from a healthy or sick stomach. One should lake water as much as is sufficient and good for health.

    Water should be taken at regular intervals especially when one is suffering from fever. One should not take a glass of water in one go but every five or ten minutes in less quantity. Intake of water at a stretch by a patient of fever will not quench his thirst, rather it would increase other symptoms of illness.

    Water taken in less quantity is at once accepted and absorbed by stomach. Repetition of its intake at each half hour produces juices in more quantity and removes dullness and constipation by flowing in the body and intestines. It cools them also.

    One can use luke-warm water or cold water according to one's taste.

    Use of Water

    1. Saline water is necessary in dehydration caused by cholera, fever, diabetes, diarrhoea, etc.

    2. It is useful to take water with salt, sugar, lemon and honey. Patients of kidney diseases should use water with salt under the supervision of some naturopath.

    3. Soup of vegetables, water of pulses, sherbet of lemon and juices etc. contain water. They give us minerals and salts along with water.

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