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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dhyanalinga: sadhguru jaggi vasudev

Dhyanalinga: sadhguru jaggi vasudev

• Dhyanalinga has been consecrated in vellangiri mountains, which is 30km away from Coimbatore by the mystic and yogi Sadguru jaggi vasudev.
• Dhyanalinga is a mercury based 13’9” linga.
• All the 7 chakras activated and locked.
• It emit different vibration in seven days.

Get ride of the fear from money, psychological and death.
Improve confidence, One can make their life as per the way he wants, improve creativity and productivity.
It is the day for the kids under the age of 4.
Mind and body comes inline.
Relief from karma(sin).
Increase memory power, patience. Get relief from evil power.
The day for the person who wants to attain sprituallity
Getting guru’s blessing and live with bliss.

• Here people can go into deeper meditation even they don’t know what is it.
• Who are all come here they are getting the bless of spirituality with or without their awareness
• Above all a person can attain their spirituality by the guidance of Guru jaggi vasudev.

Pooja Timing in Dhyanalinga

Natha Arathana(with instrumental music) : From 11:50AM to 12:10PM

During this we can feel the vibration of Dhyanalinga.

Omkara Thekchai : From 12:30PM to 13:15PM

Getting relief from health and psychological problems.

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