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Monday, 5 September 2011



Capricorn, is the tenth sign of the tropical zodiac. It is a loyal, but ambitious sign and it is ruled by Saturn. The key phrase of Capricornians is "I use".

The lord of this Zodiac sign is Saturn, which is considered as the great malefic. It is a planet of reality and also brings diseases. This is also a sign of struggle especially for economic reasons and personal independence.

Capricornians have a sound knowledge of practical affairs. They have the habit of teaching themselves how to utilize everything they see and hear. They are neat and methodical in their work. They have keen interest in money related matters.

Capricorns retain a remarkably youthful appearance in their old age.They have good dietary habits. Their have a great spirit of competition which makes them enthusiastic in business. They have interest in sports too.

Capricorn Rules the Knees
Each sign has internal, external and structural rulerships.
Externally, Capricorn rules the joints (especially the knees), teeth, hair and skin.
Internally,it rules the mucous membranes, the peripheral nerves and portions of the stomach.
Structurally, it rules the skeleton, bones and patella.

Sun is weak in this sign, but Capricorn does tend to give longevity unless it is afflicted by the Moon or Saturn. Many diseases arise from business anxieties.This sign can lead to accidents,which may lead to sprains,broken bones, dislocations and hurts from the knees and below.Besides this people can face allergies,or have a sensitive skintoo. Physical disorder of any kind can be een in such people.The reason could be simply worrying.These people also suffers from insecurity and anxiety.

Capricorn people though do not readily yield to disease, but once sick they hold onto the symptoms and can become hypochondriacs. Stress, Worry and anguish can also result in health problems like heart attacks if they are not careful to relieve their stress with proper exercise. The pathological tendencies are crystallization, dryness and constriction. A routine massage and foot reflexology can be of beneficial for them.

Colors for Capricorn

Capricorn rules the colors chocolate brown, royal and navy blue, dark green and charcoal grey. These people also respond well to the healing ray of magenta.

Birthstone for Capricorn

The birthstone for Capricorn is the garnet. They also responds to the energies of fluorite, emerald and rose-eye jasper. Remember only to wear these stones if you want to bring their influence into your life.Consult an astrologer for proper guidance on gems.

Flowers and Herbs
camellia, orange blossom, pansy, honeysuckle, ivy and magnolia
Bach Flower Essences
Rock Water
Strict people who deny themselves, greedy for perfection, ruled by theories.
Red Chestnut
Worry of others, anticipates trouble, imagines the worst.
Homoeopathic Remedy
Used in the treatment of coughs, earaches, menstrual disorders.
Metal: Lead
Cell Salt: mag phos
Healing Musical Note: F# (F sharp)
Healing Aromas
Cypress, honeysuckle, patchouli, tonka,lilac, mimosa, myrrh, tulip, vetivert.

As this is a cold sign so it requires more heat producing foods,that is why we see that usually most of the Capricornians are meat eaters. They should guard and protect themselves in cold weather. They require foods which contains iron, to enrich the blood. They also need magnesium to calm their nerves and relax their muscles.
Hot soups and spicy foods will benefit them, especially during winter months.
Drink fresh, green vegetable juices regularly to prevent toxic deposits and calcification. Being a dry sign, one should drink lots of water. Beneficial foods includes almonds,rye, eggs, fish, coconuts, kale, leeks and onions.

Susceptible Areas: Belly, back

• tendency to catch colds.
• knee problems, rheumatism;poor metabolism, obesity.
• constipation, weakened powers of digestion.
• weak vision.
• poor metabolism, obesity.
• chest disorders.
• disorders of the skin, eruptions , pustular formations.

Karmic Tendencies
Loss through reticence; formalism
success in later years

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