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Thursday, 29 September 2011


Sacred Seeds

Sacred Seeds In India, plants and plant products are elaborately used in every religious ritual. Sacred seeds said to be blessed by Gods and Goddesses are used for helping overcome difficulties, professional failures, mental stress and various ailments and diseases.

The different sacred seeds of India are :

Vaijanti Seeds

Vaijanti seeds are shiny and black or brown in colour and grow in the forests of Braj, Vrindavan. The seeds are considered auspicious and are said to attain victory. It is said that the seeds are obtained from the forests of Braj where the gods and goddess eternally make love. Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna have blessed this bead and is useful in counteracting all "doshas" or malefic effects of planets in the horoscopes.

Chirmi Seeds

Chirmi seeds are found in the forests of Aravali Hills, Rajasthan. They symbolise Goddess Lakshmi and it is said that the wearer is blessed with wealth, prosperity and harmony. It is commonly said that the beads select their owner and will never stay with an unlucky person. These seeds are used to ward off evil, bring good luck and ward off physical harm.

Lotus Seeds

Lotus seeds are brownish black in colour and a string made of lotus seeds is used in Lakshmi jaap. Lotus flower is considered one of the auspicious flowers in Hindu mythology and is said to be blessed by Goddess Lakshmi. The regular jaap of Lakshmi using lotus seed mala is said to stabilise and improve the financial position. It also brings prosperity and power of influence. The regular jaap is recommended for families to ensure abundance in material and spiritual wealth.

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