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Monday, 5 September 2011

Plants and herbs

Plants and herbs have been found to be extremely effective in neutralising the detrimental influences of astral positions causing human ailments. The following plants and creepers are recommended to neutralise the harmful effects of some planets.


Venus Hydrotyle
Jupiter Chirata
Moon Honey
Sun Aegle Folia
Ketu Aswagandha
Saturn Shefalia (nyctanthes arbor-tristis)
Mars Ananta Mul
Rahu Hydrocotyle - S
Mercury Hydrocotyle - S

HerbPlanetary Configuration
Sindhula (Nichinda)
Chastetree: Vitex Trifolia
Saturn + Mars
The Creat: Andrographis Paniculata
Saturn + Mars + Moon
Gymnema Sylvestre
Indian Pennywort: Bacopa Monnieri
Mars + Weak Moon
Ananta Mul
Hemidesmus lndicus
Weak Mars
Arjuna: Terminalia Arjuna
Mars + Sun
Jenosia Ashoka
Ashoka: Saraca Indica
Jupiter + Mars
Bael: Aegle Marmelos
Sun + Mercury
Azadirachta Indica
Indian Gentian: Gentiana Chirata
Mars + Saturn
Bahera Bibhitaki
Terminalia Belerica
Weak Venus
Indian Gooseberry: Emblica Officinalis
Venus + Mercury + Moon
Terminalia Sun + Mars + Mercury + Jupiter
Winter Cherry: Withania Somnifera
Ketu + Mercury
rejuvenative alchemical compound
For all nine stars
The creepers and plants used to counterbalance the negative influences of astral positions are believed to grow under the direct influences of the planets. Accordingly they have the power to fight against the harmful effects of the planets on human lives.

The quintessence of ancient Indian Ayurveda is medical astrology and its emphasis on the astro-occult treatment of diseases. A good ayurvedic physician should ideally be able to read the horoscope of a patient thoroughly for the best effective treatment. It is therefore imperative to conduct intensive research on the science for the benefit of humanity.

Ayurveda is intimately bound up with Astrology and with the planetary rulerships of herbs, gems, and other natural items. The skillful use of the correct remedy, as determined by its planetary rulership, can neutralise the effects of malefic planets on our health and general well-being.

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