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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Planets and Remedies


lalkitab remedies
1. Saturn in 6th house will be doubtful. It may be good, bad or mixed. We may win the court cases and enemy are less smart then us.

Throwing almonds or coconuts wrapped in blue cloth in the running water of a river will be helpful.

2. Saturn in 7th house is not good. The person may influence by a problem in eyes.

Avoid taking wines; non-veg. etc to stop the adverse effect of this.

3. Jupiter and Sun in one house is good. The person will earn fame in the society and will maintain good relation with father.

Donate food to blind school.
4. When Jupiter and Saturn give bad results regarding health the service of father, if in joint family with father; will be helpful.

Always wear something in gold. Try to have more yellow color food.

5. When Jupiter and Moon give good result. It will benefit the person in more wisdom and wealth.

Feed food to girls below age of 10. Do not have white things like milk after sunset.

6. Jupiter and Moon in 4th house very auspicious The person is more emotional. Sometimes his/her decisions in life are wrong.

Try to maintain good relation with mother and donate clothe to any old woman.
7. Jupiter and Moon in 7th house is not a good combination. The person try to make personal relation with others due to these the family life is not good.

Do not get married in 24th year of life and do not build a temple within the house.
8. Jupiter and Moon in 11th house is good. It gives a wealthy life. All the earnings are mostly from business of clothes or from products related to women.

Donate milk in any Lord. Bhairo's Temple. Wear anything in gold on your body.

9. Jupiter and Venus in 3rd house is also inauspicious. The person is lazy. He/she can not make instant decision.

Try to maintain good relation with your wife or husband. Donate sweets to kids.
10. Jupiter and Venus in 6th house is a bad combination. Wife is always influence by health and major area of effect is below the knees.

In this regard some golden thing in the hair of women should always be used.

11. Jupiter and Venus in 8th house is also a bad combination. Person dies due to any sexual problems. It is also not good for wife health.

Wife should try to speak polite. Through Chander Yanter in running water.
12. Jupiter and Venus in 11th house. The person gets pleasures in doing immoral or private works that harm his/her vitality. and may have suffer from disease.

Wear yellow sapphire in gold in locket. The ash of gold or silver may be useful if taken internally under medical advice.

13. When Jupiter and Saturn are together in the 5th house the person will not be able to have a son.

Do not take anything from anyone in the name of god.

14. When Rahu in 7th house it has a bad effect. A person may go into extravagances.

Dip a cube of silver in a iron container in a holy water.

15. When Sun is in 2nd house it gives a good effect. You will get a good post in any field you work in.

Donate in Lord Vishnus temple few almonds.

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