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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Know the flowers

Know the flowers that appease your deity
Source: Jeevan Mantra Desk


Flowers are a very important part of all Hindu rituals.
It is used in very puja or any other functions. Even during social events flowers play an important role. People decorate their homes with flowers on all important occasions.

Every Gods and Goddesses are associated with different flowers. It is believed that certain flowers appease them more than the others. Offering the flowers of their choice invites their blessings and helps us fulfil all our wishes.
2. Lord Shiva: He should be offered opium flowers, harsingar, white naagkesar, dried kamal gatte, kusum, aak, kush flowers.

3. Surya: Kutaj flowers are used for his worship. Kaner, kamal, champa, palash, aak and ashok can also be used.

4. Goddess Gauri: All the flowers that are offer to Lord Shiva also appease Goddes Parvati. Bela, while lotus, palash and champa can be used while worshipping her.

5. Lord Krishna: Kumud, karvari, chanak, malti, nandik, palash and vanmala appease Lord Krishna.

6. Goddess Lakshmi: Lotus is her favourite flower
7. Lord Vishnu: You can offer lotus, molsiri, juhi, kadamb, kevada, chameli, ashoka, malati, vasanti, champa and vaijanti.
Note: Never offer ketki flowers to any God or Goddess.

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