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Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Many individuals of today are carrying on this practice and personalizing their gardens to their specific astrological signs. The following is an outline of the twelve astrological signs, the body parts that is ruled by the sign, and the herbs associated with the corresponding sign:

Body: Head
Herbs: carnation, chervil, basil, nettle, catmint, wormwood, geranium, cypress pine.

Body: Neck & Throat
Herbs: primrose, mint, thyme, violet, marshmallow, catnip, rose, carnation, saffron, honeysuckle, jasmine, tansy, wormwood, yarrow, soapwort.

Body: Hands, Arms, Shoulders And Lungs
Herbs: mint, parsley, anise, Dill, lavender, marjoram, licorice, fennel, honeysuckle, horehound, oregano.

Body: Breast And Stomach
Herbs: parsley, sage, aloe, evening primrose, myrtle, cinnamon, lemon balm, hyacinth, bay leaves, water lily.

Body: Back, Spine & Heart
Herbs: dill, lemon balm, tarragon, rue, chamomile, clove, sandalwood, frankincense, camphor, eyebright, sunflower.

Body: Intestines & Nervous System
Herbs: chervil, dill, caraway, mint, morning glory, lily, horehound, lavender, marjoram.

Body: Buttocks, Lower Back And Kidneys
Herbs: Catnip, thyme, elderberry, iris, lilies, ivy, St John's wart, lemon balm, bergamot.

Body: The Genitals
Herbs: catmint, basil, sage, catnip, honeysuckle, nettle, onion, coriander, garlic, wormwood, elder.

Body: Liver, Thighs & Hips.
Herbs: chervil, saffron, sage, basil, sage, borage, nutmeg, clove.

Body: Knees, Bones & Joints
Herbs: dill, tarragon, caraway, rosemary, chamomile, lambs ears, rosemary, marjoram.

Body: Ankles, Circulatory System & Shins
Herbs: daffodil, sage, comfrey, rosemary, valerian, fennel, mint.

Body: Feet
Herbs: sage, lemon balm, basil, lilac, nutmeg, borage, lilies, clove.

Each sign of the zodiac is associated with one of the following four elements; these elements are water, air, fire and earth. As the moon is traveling through a particular sign of the zodiac it is in one of the four aforementioned elements. For instance, if the moon is in an air sign like Libra it is a good time to plant herbs and root crops.


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