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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Herbs and Plants

Through the ruling planets, each sign rules certain plants and trees. Here is the traditional list for each sign. Some planets rule more than one sign so there may be duplicate listings of plants.
HERBS & PLANTS:Aloe, anemone, arnica, barberry, basil, broom, cactus, capers, catnip, pepper, coriander, marsh crowfoot, gentian, geranium, honeysuckle, hops, leadwort, madder, mustard, nettles, Peruvian bark, thistles, wakerobin, witch hazel, cinnamon, ginger, gladioli. TREES: Box trees, hawthorn, pine, prickly trees, cactus, hemlock, chestnut, broom.
HERBS & PLANTS:Alder, artichoke, beans, coriander, coltsfoot, cowslip, fennel, chickweed, foxglove, goldenrod, ground ivy, strawberry, wild tansy, violet, wheat, yarrow, bearberry, mints, roses, vervain, Irish moss, orchids, black snakeroot, lilies in general, daffodils, thyme, saffron, jasmine. TREES: Pear, peach, birch, elder, cherry, chestnut, satinwood.
HERBS & PLANTS:Fern, hazel, horehound, lavender, licorice, maidenhair, sweet marjoram, parsley, valerian, endive, dill, fennel, elfwort, starwort, clover, bay and caraway seeds, sorrel. TREES:Filbert, mulberry, myrtle, juniper, nut trees, tropical trees, sandalwood, bayberry.
HERBS & PLANTS:Adder’s tongue, chickweed, iris, watercress, lettuce, water lily, moonwort, pearlwort, pumpkin, endive, garlic, chamomile, white roses, water violet, duckweed, slippery elm, night blooming plants, poppies, seaweed, peppermint, wintergreen, bay leaf, ginseng, balm, tamarind. TREES: Any sap trees, willows, banana, mango, breadfruit.
HERBS & PLANTS:Almond, angelica, chamomile, eye-bright, juniper, meadow rue, mistletoe, rosemary, saffron, sage, thyme, celery seed, cinnamon, cloves, peony, poppies, sunflowers, heart trefoil, marigolds, passion flowers. TREES: Ash, hay trees, citrus trees, olive, walnut, palm and orange.
HERBS & PLANTS:Fern, hazel, horehound, lavender, licorice, maidenhair, sweet marjoram, parsley, hops, guava, valerian, chamomile, endive, dill, fennel, mandrake, mace, chicory, sage, asters, red raspberry, starwort, trefoil, morning glory, mint, petunias, sarsaparilla. TREES: Filbert, mulberry, myrtle, fig, apples.
HERBS & PLANTS:Alder, artichoke, beans, bramble, burdock, coltsfoot, cowslip, goldenrod, ground ivy, dandelion, pennyroyal, ragwort, sage, sorrel, strawberry, wild tansy, violet, wheat, yarrow, catnip, bearberry, snake root, spearmint, vervain, orchids, lilies in general, daffodils, marjoram, kelp, juniper berry, jasmine. TREES: Birch, chestnut, peach, elder, pear, cherry, quince, apple, apricot.
HERBS & PLANTS:all poisonous plants in general, capers, chickweed, cloves, coriander, garlic, ginger, pepper, vinegar, mustard, parsley, sage, seasalts, chrysanthemums, yucca, rosemary. TREES: Mango, melon, papaya, peach, cherry, cacti, hemlock, pine, dogwood, wormwood, broom, box cypress.
HERBS & PLANTS: Thorn apple, asparagus, balm, balsam, betony, bloodwort, chervil, cinquefoil, dandelion, hyssop, limewort, liverwort myrrh, daisies, ginseng, Iceland moss, jasmine, spearmint, saffron, endive, nutmeg, sage, sassafras, aloe, aniseed, narcissus. TREES:Oak, maple, linden, lime, fig, chestnut, birch, apricot, ash, cedar.
HERBS & PLANTS:Barley, comfrey, flaxseed, hemlock, hemp, henbane, holly, ivy, knot grass, moss, plantain, shepherd’s purse, belladonna, crosswort, black hellebore, English ivy, poison ivy, mandrake, ground moss, nightshade, poison oak, senna, spinach, vervain, wintergreen, Sarsparilla, garlic, hops, rosemary, dill. TREES: Beech, popular, aspen, black thorn, pine, yew, citrus, dates, hemlock, cypress.
HERBS & PLANTS:balm, chickweed, coriander, dill, gentian root, hyssop, mint, sassafras, sage, chamomile, sorrel, basil, wintergreen, garlic, nettles, parsley, rosemary, rye, valerian. TREES:beech, cypress, willow, pine, yew, apples, banana, quince, plum, pear.
HERBS & PLANTS:opium, poppy plants, coffee, tobacco, mosses, mushrooms and fungi, aniseed, aloe, balm, basil, caraway, coriander, mint, nutmeg, plantain, sage, sorrel, kelp, wintergreen, lilac, violet, water lilies. TREES: citrus, cherry, ash, birch, chestnut, maple, mulberry, oak, olive, mango, peach, cedar.

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