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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Food Astrology

Food Astrology The right nutrition assures health and long life. The zodiac is ruled by the elements of earth, water, fire and air and with those elements, a zodiac sign can determine your diet. Your zodiac sign not only helps you determine what is going to happen in your day, week, month or year as well as helping you with your diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Food Astrology is about food habits of different zodiac signs. Astrospeak recommends you food and preparations best-suited for you. If you want to know how you can prepare the perfect dish to please a Libra or which ingredients are highly appreciated by Gemini. Read your Sun sign below:-


Aries is quite adventurous about trying out new and exotic food. They like dishes prepared with spices, fresh herb. The fiery Aries like hot and crispy food with lots of aromatic ingredients like lemon, mint leaves, cinnamon and masalas . They love curries which are red in colour like chilies, tomatoes etc. For vegetarians gol-gappas are all time favorites.


Taurus likes tasty food that can satisfy their appetite and comfortable food. They usually don’t prefer innovative dishes. They like traditional dishes and would not like to go for fast food. Aloo-paranthas probably would be there hot favorite. They like preparations made with coriander and mint. Apples, grapes, vegetables are recommended and should avoid cookies and candies.


They always on the hunt for something new. They usually dont settle for any particular kind of food. They prefer quick bites and fast food. They can live on snacks and burgers, pizzas or a coke diet are hot favorite for them. Oranges, grapefruit, or peaches, and fresh vegetables are recommended and should avoid coffee and other beverages.


Cancer, as a watery sign. They don’t crave for dishes that are cooked with unfamiliar ingredients. They usually go for macaroni, breads, ice creams and delicious cookies and creamy pastries. They are recommended to have a low-fat diet, cabbage juice, grapes and avoid pastries and bread. Sea food is hot favorite for non-vegetarians and juicy, creamy preparations for vegetarians.


Leo, they are passionate and flashy about food. For them food must be excellent, hot and spicy with chilies, ginger and masalas . They prefer dishes that are prepared with best of ingredients, fresh vegetables. They usually go for expensive preparation. They should eat vegetables that are rich in iron, coconuts and raisins. All kind of parathas with lots of butter and pickle is hot favorite for them.


Virgo likes healthy food and provides nutrition and that tastes good. They have sensitive digestive system. They like dishes which are prepared carefully and ingredients in right proportion. They usually stick to simple dishes, biscuits and relishing preparations. The recommended foods for them are boiled vegetables, salads, whole grains, apples and bananas. Avoid spicy foods and food that is cooked with a lot of vegetable oil.

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