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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Essential Oils And Their Uses

Essential Oils And Their Uses

Basil: a nerve tonic for insomnia, congestion and colds

Clove Oil: an antiseptic used for toothaches,wounds and respiratory infections.

Eucalyptus Oil: clears respiratory passages good for skin infections

Frankincense: for all catarrh conditions, ulcers, boils, skin care, and laryngitis

Geranium: calming effect on the nervous system, kidney stones, skin care

Lemon: counteracts stomach acidity, powerful bactericide

Mint: headaches and vomiting, fevers and colds

Orange oil: sedative, slightly hypnotic, indicated for cardiac spasms

While the practice of aromatherapy is sometimes thought to be confined to inhalation, it may include various methods, including:
  • Inhalation (directly or diffused into the air)
  • Absorption through the skin (baths, massages, compresses)
  • Absorption through the mucous membranes (oral rinses and gargles)
  • Ingestion (occasionally prescribed, with caveats)

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