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Monday, 26 September 2011

Astrological Aromatherapy
Astrological Aromatherapy
Scents can evoke in us the magic pulses at a subconscious level. Heating aromatic oils in aromatic lamps, the burning of aromatic sticks or pyramids gives us an opportunity to strengthen our ability to distinguish between magical vision. Regardless because you meditate or just sit quietly, at a time when the room is distributed favorite flavor you, your senses are sharpened, and you can suddenly see emerging in your mind images and visions.

Smoking incense, and the planet

Some smells are associated with specific effects of different planets, so they can activate one's energy potential which comes from the planets. Each incense or aromatic oil from a particular day of the week. If you would light incense sticks and scented pyramid or inflame a special aromatic oil (aromatic) lamp (although in fact you can put butter on a warm pack, dropping a few drops on a saucer) in the desired day of the week, then you can use a thin, but still have significant energy potential for gaining strength, wisdom or healing.

When you do magic of aromatic oils and incense, then you should keep in mind that you can use not one but several types of oils. The second can be added to the first (mostly) in very small quantities. You will need to add to the first just a couple of drops of oil to achieve the desired effect. If you need the energy of a certain planet or energy of another day of week, for example, forces in order to successfully pass the interview for admission to employment or in order to overcome some serious obstacles, you can light some incense sticks, incense or oil and get a big boost of energy or burst of inspiration.

Sunday afternoon sun, and frankincense, which gives an energy charge

Burn incense or ignite incense sticks, endowed with the energy of the sun, and then before your eyes any paintings, filled with sunshine, exotic places, deserts, or scenes from the life of nomads with colorful tents and summer festivities. Incense first appeared in Africa and the Middle East, where they have for centuries been highly valued. That is why among the gifts that the Magi presented baby Jesus was incense. Frankincense can be mixed with chamomile, another aromatic oil, which is impregnated by the sun.

Monday, day of the Moon, Jasmine - dreamer

Light the lamp with a few drops of jasmine oil. This oil carries the energy of the moon, and then in the moonlight, you will see fairytale castles, unicorns, elves and fairies. Jasmine Oil - one of the most expensive essential oils, because its production is very laborious. Jasmine flowers are to be collected at night, when their flavor is enhanced. Even in order to make quite a small amount of jasmine oil, you need to collect a lot of jasmine flowers. Jasmine oil is produced in India and Mediterranean countries. This oil can be mixed with lemon oil, which is also the oil of the moon.

Tuesday afternoon Marca, pine, giving the force

Preheat pine oil or light pine aromatic pyramid. This flavor of the planet Mars, the planet, which is a symbol of bravery. Aromatic oil, loaded with energy of Mars, will give you the opportunity to see the forest, mountains and other pictures of nature in all its splendor and majesty. In these visions can be trees, swaying in the wind, the Christmas celebration with beautifully dressed Christmas trees and candles. Pine oil was used by ancient Greeks and Romans, when it was necessary to heal the lungs. Nowadays, pine oil is produced mainly in some parts of the United States and northern Europe, where there are coniferous forests. If you mix pine oil with a couple drops of oil Australian eucalyptus, you will strengthen the healing effect of pine oil.

Wednesday, day of Mercury, lavender, uplifting

Preheat lavender oil or light lavender aromatic pyramid. This flavor of the planet Mercury, which is a symbol of communication. Its scent will help you hear the sound of music, see the wonderful paintings in remote places, smelling of spice, filled with the rustle of silk and the majestic, gleaming gold domes. Lavender oil has been used by the Romans in order to soothe the soul and tame the body. And though at most it's oil is produced in Mediterranean countries can be bought almost everywhere. You can mix lavender oil with geranium, which is also an oil painting of Mercury.

Thursday, day of Jupiter, sandalwood - a wise healer

Preheat sandalwood oil or light aromatic pyramid. This flavor of Jupiter, the planet, whose energy will give you the opportunity to behold the exotic Eastern countries, ornate temples, holy places, festive processions, lavish carnival processions and sacred rituals, dating back to early times. In your vision you may also be the ancient spirits and give you wise counsel. Sandalwood oil is produced in India, where fragrant wood is used for the manufacture of wood carving. Sandalwood incense sticks were used by ancient Egyptians and Chinese. This oil can be used with nerolievym oil, which also carries the energy of Jupiter.

Friday, day of Venus, the rose, encouraging peace
Preheat rose oil or light aromatic pyramid. This flavor of the planet Venus, the planet, which is a symbol of love. The aroma of this oil will give you the opportunity to see past, present and future lovers, passionate love scenes as well as peaceful scenes of family life and romantic paintings. In the culture of peoples of all countries rose oil was associated with love. Rose oil is made from roses grown in India, China, Morocco and France. Mix the rose oil with ylang-ylang, which is also an oil painting of Venus.

Saturday, day of Saturn, cypress - scavenger

Preheat pine oil or light pine aromatic pyramid. This flavor of the planet Saturn, which is a symbol of the restrictions limit. He has a positive effect on your ability to cope with a little work on the house, possibly associated with the work tools or home appliances - washing machines, vacuum cleaners, irons, lawn mowers, etc. His energy has a positive effect on the work of the factories and schools. The energy potential of Saturn will help you prepare a delicious meal, pass things to the dry cleaners, and generally feel able to alter all things in one day. Cypress oil from the ancient Egyptians have always symbolized immortality, and they used it for embalming dead bodies. Mix the butter with cypress oil of patchouli, which is home to the Far East, and which also carries the energy of Saturn.

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