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Friday, 5 August 2011


Vasthu Sastra.
This discipline is used in the commercial buildings and residential houses. The Nine Planets are assigned to the eight directions in a living place and the prayer room, kitchen, dining hall, study room, drawing room, bed room, verandha, entrance, water tank, well, lavatory,car parking,etc.are to be in the advantageous and beneficial positions.
(1) Prayer roomNorth EastSouth WestSouth/ West
(2) Kitchen South East North west South West
(3) Bed room South West South / West North East
(4) Cash room South West ------------ South East North East
(5) Hall East/North CentrePortion South West
(6) Study room West North South East
(7) Dining Hall East South North East
(8) Drawing room North East East/ North South West
(9) Store room West North west North East, South West
(10) Bath room North west/Southwest South East ------------
(11) Lavatory North west West/South East South West
(12) Entrance North East North/ East South West
(13) Overhead tank South West ------------ North East
(14) Sump North East ------------ South West
(15) Septic tank CentreNorth/CentreEast ------------ South West
(16) Rack South West ------------ East-North
There are many theories in practice while giving the forecasts as per Vasthu Sastra.One theory says, the energy flows and their vibrations have to be ascertained and then, the strength of the directions have to be identified. Another theory determines the beneficial position and the adverse position for each planet and for each direction.
A mere a change in the locations of each room in a living place as per Vastu Sastra alone do not fetch good results. The individual Horoscope of the man should endorse such changes or alterations or modifications. This non-celestial discipline may be taken as supportive evidence in the astrological forecast.

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