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Friday, 5 August 2011

Trees & Crops

Saturn: Oak-gall tree, citron or myrobalan tree. 01ive tree and also willow, turpentine tree, castor-oil plant. and all those which bear fruits with disagreeable taste or smell, or hard-shells such as walnuts and almonds. Sesame. 

Jupiter: : Trees bearing sweet fruit without hard skin such as peach, fig, apricot, pear and lote-fruit, companions Venus as to fruits. Roses, flowers. herbs sweet-smelling or tall, such plants as are light and whose seeds fly with the wind. 

Mars: All bitter, pungent and thorny trees, their fruit with rough skin, pungent or very bitter such as bitter pomegranate, wi1d pear, bramble. Mustard.leeks, onion, garlic, rue, rocket, wild rue, radish, egg-plant. 

The Sun: All tall trees which have oily fruit, and those whose fruit is used dry, such as date-palms, mulberries and vines. Dodder, sugar-cane. manna. tarangubin and shir-khisht.

Venus: : All trees soft to touch, sweet-smelling, smooth to the eye like cypress and teak. apple and quince. Sweet and oily berries. fragrant arid coloured, herbs, spring flowers and has a share in cotton. 

Mercury: pungent and evil-smelling trees. Savoury herbs and garden stuff, canes and things growing in water. 

The Moon: All trees the stem of which is short such as the vine and the sweet pomegranate. Grass. reeds, canes, flax, hemp, trailing plants such as cucumber and melon.

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