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Friday, 5 August 2011


Students who want to improve should offer jaggery and roasted grams to monkeys,Hanuman temples and feed the birds.

A child who stammers should offer green grass to a cow while going for a job interview take a chappati and throw it in the direction of the crows. Soak black grams on Friday night and then mix with mustard oil. Give half to a horse or buffalo and half to a leper. Do this for forty days to ensure professional success
Once a month cook more sweet chappatis  than the number of people and guests you have in the house and give them to any animal. This will save the family from quarrels and expense. When Ketu is malefic to a girl, her parents should give food to a hundred dogs from sunrise to sunset in one day.

For peace and prosperity astrology suggests :

Dogs as pets normally take all the evils visiting that particular household protecting their human families.
Make it a principle to donate the first chappati to a cow and the last to a dog. This invites goddess Lakshmi to the home. Looking after cows removes the Pitra Dosha from your chart.

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