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Friday, 5 August 2011

Blood Group

Blood Group Relations

Shree  Ganeshaay  Namah

Some important points in Match-Making

Normally, we as an Astrologers, do the match-making as per the horoscopes only, however some times it becomes necessary to go through the bloodgroups too. I feel that, being an astrologer, it is our responsibility too, to know the relations between the various blood groups.The following is the chart indicating the matching of the blood groups.

Matching --------- Blood -------- Groups:
Sr.     ---------       Boy     -------   Girl
1. ---------             A    ------         A  &  AB
2---------.              B   ------          B  &  AB
3. ---------             O  -------          O, A,  B  &  AB
4. --------             AB  --------        AB
5. -----------        Rh+ve   ------      Rh+ve
6. -----------        Rh-ve    ------      Rh+ve   &  Rh-ve.
Blood  Groups  not  matching.
Sr.             Boy          Girl
1.               A              O  &  B
2.               B              O  &  A
3.               AB            O,  A  &  B
4.          Rh+ve          Rh-ve
I hope that if we go as per the above,it will help better. I have observed  that though the horoscopes are matching astrologically, many times the blood groups are not matching & hence the problems are getting created at latter stage.

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