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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Virgo Horoscopes

Virgo Horoscopes
The glyph above represents the virgin. The constellation Virgo shows a virgin with a sheaf of wheat. Virgo is associated with green, growing things, as well as with work and health. Here we deal with cleansing, order, tasks, productivity, efficiency, skepticism, results, service, the correcting flaws and job routines. Virgo is work-oriented, painstaking, pragmatic, exacting, discreet, industrious, nit-picking, pedantic, methodical, detail-oriented, concerned and health/cleanliness.
Ruling planet: Mercury
Triplicity or elements: Earth
Color: Navy blue, Dark Brown, Green
Gemstone: Sardonyx
Metal: Mercury or Nichel
Precious stone: Peridot
Flowers: All herbs
Trees: Nut bearing Trees
Herb and spices: Those with bright Yellow or Blue flowers
Animals: All Domestic Pets
Countries: Greece, The West Indies, Turkey, State of Virginia, USA, Brazil, New Zealand
Cities: Boston, Heidelberg, Paris, Athens
Food stuff: Vegetables grown beneath the Earth
Positive Qualities: Modest and shy, Meticulous and reliable, Practical and diligent, Intelligent and analytical
Negaitive Qualities: Fussy and a worrier, Overcritical and harsh, Perfectionist and conservative.

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